This Is My Comfort

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    Remember the word unto thy servant, upon which
    thou hast caused me to hope.
    This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word
    hath quickened me.
    ~Psalm 119:49-50

    'The worldling clutches his money-bag, and says, 'this is my comfort'.
    The spendthrift points to his gaiety and shouts, 'this is my comfort'.
    The drunkard lifts his glass and sings, 'this is my comfort'. But the
    man whose hope comes from God feels the live-giving power of the
    word of the Lord, and he testifies, 'this is my comfort'. '
    (Charles Spurgeon)

    May our hearts be drawn by the powerful love of God to find our
    comfort only in His life.
  2. Very true; thanks for sharing.
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  4. Yes, amen indeed. (y)

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