Things to ponder.....

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  1. Things to ponder.....

    I am neither a learned man, nor educated , however my following words are in themselves irrefutable, as my very existence through the furnaces of affliction, are evidences of God's miracles...I have with great interest and with many reservations articles regarding the charasmatic movements, and most of what I read shows me the blindness, or rather the deceptions of Satan himself. There is two side to my contentions: firstly Moses led a nation out of Egypt, who themselves witnessed Miracles of God, yet collectively and unanimously Satan was able to influence them all to rebel, and doubt God-A whole nation...How great then is his power against one lost soul...I not so much rebuke him, as he's kind of gotten used to that, I love to continuously remind him of his future, which is just around the corner, He runs from me :]] Amen. Miracles were performed then, within the supernatural events that preceeded them, well lets get our heads out of the ostrich hole. If in these perilous times there is one think all relegions can collectively and unanimously agree upon, we are on the threshold of a Prohpetic supernatural event ,which is the Sond Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Everyone is entittled to an opinion, and truthfully speaking, most denominations today within their own beliefs and Doctrine's, have adopted their own intrepretations as to Eternal truths. However one must be in careful consideration when chosing words that would judge, or critisize, therefore leaving a stain upon one's character, lest it be their own...At 51 years old, I was baptized a year ago, in what could only be considered to constitute a Divine Intervention by God Himself. Believe me I have neither the inclination, nor the desire to darken anyone's character or credibility, however what I am about to tell you could be attributed to God Himself.

    One could say that within a newness of life, in its beginning stages, one's eye's are barely opening, well mine are as wide as plates, and my appetite is that of an elephant. I have nothing against Preachers, especially those of a bible thumping nature, as they are less concerned about the eloquence of words within the delivery of their sermon, they rely very little on educated degree's, or theological principles. Their main objective is to portray God's glory from within the scriptures. I don't care how many books someone has read or written, I put little faith in degree's or doctorial certificates, as there is nothing more powerful as to the lasting impact and influence, be it upon individual or a nation, than a personal experience within the overcoming of unimaginable hardships.

    As to the Charismatic movement, and claims within an Apostolic nature...There is not a denomination in existence that hasn't made such claims, and most come with great disappointment, However this I do know. I entered my first church 4 years ago, and for three years I sat like gum on a pew, basically it was a dead church, which is one where there is no spiritual growth. How can I be so sure...In three years, there were two people baptized, when finally within my own intrepretations of the book of Romans, I asked to be baptized and was told they'd have a meeting about it, ok, what did I know. However God had a different plan....

    In what can only be described as a one in a billion chance meeting, a supernatural event occured. In a line up one day I find myself talking about my life to this woman, whom I've never met. I mentioned that I was going to get baptized and she literally lit up like a lighthouse, she was overjoyed, overwhelmed and wanted to know when. I told her they were having a meeting, and her heart sank. What she told me about God in the next hour made more sense than those three years in church. Regarding the rites and importance of baptism, she assured me her church would do this right away, I didn't have to be a member, I didn't have to be anything ,but willing to accept Jesus as my personal Savior, I didn't even have to ever come back. Within the first six months 153 people were baptized. After two months, in what can only be described as life long friendship, we discovered that she was my neighbour 35 years ago, the reason I didn't know her was she was just a baby in a crib...Wow

    For forty years the pits of hell were the playground of my existience. The battles I fought were within issues of sexual abuse, parental abandonment, almost twenty-five years of criminality, fourteen years of imprisonment, twelve years of drug addiction, and thirty-five years of alcoholism. If this wasn't in itself enough to shake the confidence of the bravest and strongest warrior, before I could even attempt to pick up the shattered pieces of my life, it had to get worse ! As a direct result of sharing needles, I contracted the devastating and incurable HIV virus, and was told that my life expectancy was to be very seemed at this point that my life was coming to an end, for I needed a hope beyond all hope, and even in that moment, twelve years ago, if I were to in fact have grasped a Christian faith, would it have been enough, within a life of continual failure, to sustain the spears of discouragement that would have daily hammered away at me, as if fired from a machine gun ? Tell me, when standing in the abyss of darkness, how ?? could it be possible, to cling to an unseen and unknown faith !!!

    God did deliver me, and my point is that miracles happen each and everyday, and as long as we have preachers who would rather hear themselves preach textbook theology, than introduce God's living testimonies that sit silently like gum on their pews, we will never know about them.

    Individually, "from the moment we ask God for something, and to the fufillment of that promise, if we allow for even a breath of time to pass by, we have lost the promise to the deceptions of Satan, we must never faulter from our solid foundation, being the solid rock of Jesus. God's spoken words are the promise, He is the creator of all things, heavens and earth move, stand still, or tremble at the sound of His voice.
  2. A great testimony brother but do not lump all Charismatics in the same lun mp as I have known some who were on fire for Christ.
  3. I presume that you have found the wrong church and should maybe ask God to dirrect you to a more Spirit Filled Church as am sure there are lots in Vancouver. I don't think you can assume that all churches are the same brother ... that is all I am saying. I am happy to say that I belong to a Holy Ghost church. God is moving, people are being saved, people being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit., people are getting healed. Praise His Name.

    Awesome testimony though..... thanks for sharing.

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