They Hung on Every Word

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  1. They Hung on Every Word

    Jesus went into the temple area. He began to throw out the
    people that were selling things there. Jesus said, "It is
    written {in the Scriptures}, 'My house will be a house of
    prayer.' But you have changed it into a 'hiding place for
    thieves.'" Jesus taught the people in the temple area every
    day. The leading priests, the teachers of the law, and some
    of the leaders of the people wanted to kill Jesus. But all
    the people were listening closely to Jesus. They were very
    interested in the things Jesus said. So the leading priests,
    the teachers of the law, and the leaders did not know how
    they could kill Jesus.

    -- Luke 19:45-48 (ERV)

    Those in power wanted to shut Jesus up; they were so adamant about it,
    they plotted to kill him. However, the everyday folks heard the voice
    of God in Jesus' words and they hung on every word he said. We need to hear the voice of Jesus and to know his ministry first hand. So often
    in our world today, people will read a best selling Christian author
    before they will read their Bible. They will read books about Jesus
    rather than reading the Gospels that the Holy Spirit provided us to
    know the story of Jesus. Let's try until the end of the year to read the
    Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) at least once. Hang on Jesus'
    every word. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you know Jesus more so you can
    become like Jesus more completely.
  2. Thank you, Dusty.
    I agree that is a very good idea!

  3. Joh 6:68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.
  4. Dusty, have you ever noticed you can read the same scripture again and again and sometimes it will touch you in a completely different way;
    have a little more or different meaning,
    Feel a little closer to your heart this particular time?

  5. That is why it is the Living Word. God's Word when breathed upon by His Spirit can meet you where ever you are in life!
  6. Dusty, I promise!

    What a wonderful teacher he must have been...can you imagine sitting in the crowd and listening? His eye settling on you as He spoke?

    What a wonderful teacher He still is!:)
  7. I often fantasize about being one of those who were with Jesus on this Earth;
    got to look into His eyes, touch Him, listen to His voice, His words!
    It brings tears to my eyes!

    I pray I will be worthy to have that experience one day!

  8. Yes sweet Violet... Isn't God good He gives us a different thought each time . That is why it is not boring as I hear people say..... The Bible is boring .... Duh... Then they don't really know the Jesus of the Bible.
  9. Yes Whirlwind..... I can only imagine. Oh there's a song by that title .... I bet Bro Larry can find it for us.

    Wow, and those people really had no idea that He would be the Saviour of the world. I would have loved to have been there when He broke and loaves and fishes to feed all the people.

    Hey Whirlwind , that could be the start of a new thread. " I can only imagine"

  10. Of course you are worthy. You are a saint of the most high God.
  11. Yep He has made you worthy! I think the idea of that is cool, sitting at His feet while He taught. I also think we have a better deal now- His presence is always with us and we are filled with His Spirit. Until the Pentecostal outpouring hardly anyone really understood His Words.
  12. i,m very cautious about people ,do you think the spirit of satan is controlling people through people,pretending to be jesus.?what are your views on jesus being here now?what is said about this scriptually.?
  13. Michael.... the Bible tells us by your fruits we will know them.

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