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  1. Mankind has been placed under tutors and governors , I call circumstances and situations, the C&S gang, Galatians 4:2.
    The born-again believer has a new "Christ in you" nature birthed in him or her by God and our Father.

    When the believer is first born-again a problem occurs because of the believers old mindset.
    The believer who has the new Christ in you nature and attempts to live life without any knowledge of this new nature will have sorrows and problems untold.
    Attempting to be a Christian without any understanding of the new inborn nature will be utter chaos.
    Without understanding the epistles the end result will be that Christianity will be bondage to the newborn believer.
    The believers mind needs to be compatible with the new nature birthed in them from our Father.

    "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit, John 3:6.

    Flesh and or Spirit are reproduced only through a birthing. How should we know His Father. We should know His Father, by His Fathers nature that is also in His Son.

    Prior to the dispensation of Grace God had previously placed mankind under five different dispensations under which man had been given liberty to live, but mankind failed to maintain a relationship with God under any of these.
    Mankind presently has access to the dispensation of Grace. When God created Adam who was the federal representative of mankind he did so with the intention that mankind should live in total freedom. God intended that all life be lived by a nature, which nature comes from a father through a birthing.
  2. Hello @Noblemen,

    Would you please name, and define, the dispensations you refer to which precede this present dispensation of grace. I ask for this clarification in order to be sure that we are singing from the same songsheet. :)

    Thank you in anticipation
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  3. Hello again, @Noblemen,

    Would you please also make clear how the believer's mind is made compatable with the new nature that God has given them, in Christ??
    Do you believe that it is through the reading, believing, and acknowledgement in life and witness, of the written word of God, by the Spirit?
    Do you believe that there is any other means of achieving this 'compatability'?

    In Christ Jesus
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    Yes, 'sorrows untold' just about sums it up, @Noblemen. For all you see is conflict within.
    I have been there, and by God's grace have come through into the rest of ceasing from self-effort to find my all in Him.
    As a 'son' with the 'Father'.

    Praise God!

    In Christ Jesus
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  5. Galatians 4:2, is contrasting law and grace though isn't it , @Noblemen: can we really put 'circumstances and situations' into the same catagory?

    Our circumstances and situations do mould us, and exert influence upon us, in the 'natural', or, 'in the flesh', I agree. We who were never under the law, as the children of Israel were, are under the law of conscience along with all men; but the law was imposed, in Israel's case, in order to reveal sin, and then provision was made for the atonement of that sin, via the shedding of blood. Showing forth in type, the sacrificial work of Christ, Who, by the shedding of His own blood, brought atonement, and life abundant, within the reach of all who will put their trust in Him as their sin-bearer.

    Praise His Holy Name!

  6. The dispensation of innocence, Conscience, government, promise and law.
    Many believe there are more, as many as seven.

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