the wife

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  1. the wife

    [​IMG] the wife
    the wife i have is true and Good,what she see,s in me is not understood.

    she makes us work our family all,to make our family to stand up tall.

    her job is to help more families too,and our provider to make our stew.

    a more loving soul would be hard to find.

    and that she,s mine is so divine.

    i think at times she knows lots more,but then at times nieve and more.

    i guess i will not pass this test.

    until my body lays at rest.

    then i shall find the wisdom of truth.

    please God show her how to cook.[​IMG]
  2. You got me Michael... I was fixing to say how sweet that was.

  3. Hahaha good one...This should'a been in the joke section. Funny though :smiley10:
  4. Thanks Dear




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