The Whole Law And The Prophets

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  1. The greatest commandment, is to love the Lord God with all your heart and soul and the second is like this one, to love your neighbor as yourself. Upon these two commandments hang the whole law and the prophets. If you are ignoring these two to argue a minor point, all your arguements are invalid. We are commanded to love one another just as we have been loved. I am not holier than anyone, arguably the biggest sinner on this forum. If God in his generous mercy has loved and forgiven me, can we not be equally generous and love and forgive each other? That doesn't mean we all have to agree on everything but we can disagree with respect and love for each other. I do not always agree with my son but I always love and respect him.
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  2. I"m reminded of Pentecost here. In particular, I'm reminded that everyone was "In one accord". I think because of the amazing miracles brought about by the Holy Spirit in that moment, something seems to have been missed. Regardless of the miracles that occurred, we realize that when the disciples were in one accord, people were being genuinely saved daily. Unity is important, but unity is not gained by forcing others to conform to our views, but by understanding that our perspectives often differ because our experiences differ. That isn't to say ALL perspectives are true, but we should all be able to recognize the salvation of a brother or sister in Christ even when we disagree over interpretation of Scripture that has often been debated by the greatest theological minds for the past 2000 years with no end in sight.
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  3. I"m going to post this like right here.*pat pat* There.

    Everyone, Take a look at all the topics in "Important Things to Consider". Notice anything in common with them and the aforementioned shameless self-promoting link from 6 years ago? They all have the same thing in common. When you figure out what that is, and agree with it, THEN you will understand the reason this site exists and perhaps we can have fewer angst-ridden, passive aggressive debates.

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