The Rose

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  1. The Rose

    I wrote this in 2004.. man it sure signifies something different now in my life!

    It seems atop a basket in my room
    That one white rose
    He gave me awhile back
    There are no thorns within
    Only other red petals
    Signifying his love for me
    They came to me
    So unexpectedly
    Those roses that day
    Bringing so much happiness to me
    For no one has sent me a rose before
    Let alone a dozen
    So many questions were asked
    What does the white one
    Stand for?
    Oh we guessed and we guessed
    So much our heads were spinning
    I know now
    The one white stood for
    I am the one
    Standing here
    All alone
    Waiting for you to come to me
    Take these roses
    As a sign from me
    Follow me
    I will lead you to where we are to be
    I have held on to that rose
    And the others
    Just as I will
    Always hold on to your love
    I will never let it go
    I will never throw it or them or you away
    You have given so much to me!
    I love you!
    12/19/04 Faithwoman
  2. Nice sister! You are very creative!:)
  3. Thanks

    When I look at my writings from the past, I wrote them in regards to a broken relatioship, but when I read them now, they all seem to have a spiritual tone.. and funny part is .. back then is when I just started seeking God..

    Faithwoman (Robin):)
  4. I don't think I understand this poem as much as you guys do just yet.

    I wrote this in my blog:

    "I've come to realize that every piece of advice and every bit of knowledge that you take in, including this you currently read, can be understood on an infinite amount of levels or degrees. Thereafter, I came to realize that God, filling you with the Holy Spirit, and giving you knowledge, is the way to climb those levels of understanding.

    This sheds new light on how God is infinite. He somehow, against our own comprehensible worldly logic, is on all of those "infinite levels". Only God is unresrtricted by the logic we use or at least, the logic we can comprehend. In
    these bodies, as men, we can climb to higher degrees of understanding, that is the journey, but only when God reigns and we become ONE with him, will we also have the ability to be infinite."


    God has given you wisdom to climb levels of understanding which brought you to a new degree of understanding of your own poem.

    Everything we do and say can be understood SO much more than we now understand it. So then who are we to decide how limited we are?

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