The Problem with my Church (and many other churches, I believe)

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  1. Don't worry, no King James English for this one.

    Today, I stayed in the main sanctuary as opposed to teen church because teen church was canceled. I analyzed what the guest pastor was saying. Here is what I found, and this is a very reoccurring problem in my church, and I believe many other churches as well.

    The message focused not in Christ, but on blessings. It always does this. The church is a "feel-good" church, where they make you feel good so you can keep on coming back. It was of no surprise to me that the senior pastor askee everyone to put money on the altar at the end of service. My church seems very humanistic to me, focusing on the believer and not Jesus Christ. This is a deadly issue, because I am almost certain that more than half of that church is not truly saved. I want to be a pastor(/theologian) and I always told myself that if it us God's will for me to become a pastor, I would treat the people as if they were not truly saved. I would focus entirely on Christ. I believe that the pastor's main job is to help enhance the believer's personal relationship with Christ, and to teach them USEFUL doctrine, always focusing entirely on Christ (unless they want to do a throwback into the Old Testament). But I believe that they should be led by the Holy Spirit, not themselves.

    In conclusion, I believe that my church, along with many other churches, is not doing its job well. What do ye (sorry, I had to) think?
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  2. I fully 100% agree. (y) Keep that vision Juk and whatever you end up doing in your life, you'll succeed. :D
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  3. :D
  4. And overcome.
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  5. That kinda sounds like the church I used to go to.
    I don't know what to say...if you go to the same bible colleges these people went to to be ordained, you may end up just like them. Cos they will teach you how to fleece people.
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  6. I do not want to go to college. That only education I need in a pastoral or theological sense is the Bible. I refuse to go to college for it. But my mom really wants me to go to college, but I am not going for theology. If I am going to college, it will be for graphic design, but I don't even like that too much anymore.
  7. I found the most useful education (for me) was horticulture.
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  8. Sounds fun. You are a gardener, it a plant scientist, or a fruit merchant?
  9. The problem is man decides what he wants to teach / preach, and has left God out of the picture. "But Lord did we not preach, and teach many wonderful sermons in your name!!!"
    No man decides what the body of Christ needs except God himself, and he is the one teaching it. Cursed is the man who puts his trust in the arm of the flesh!!
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  10. I agree. If God wants me to become a pastor, I want to be wholly guided by Him, which is better than what any college can ever teach me.
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  11. All those who live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Those who preach / teach what God tells them will find them self's being hated by some, and loved by others. It is very easy to compromise the Word of God so every body is happy, but it is hard to speak the truth even if it hurts you. Are you willing to experience these things? If you are then the Joy of being used by God is beyond description.
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  12. Lol. Just plain gardener. I dont sell things for profit. I would say more permaculture but theres some extreme schools of gardening out there. Basic horticulture is good for anybody to learn.
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  13. I am willing. A viewpoint that I believe God presented to me is that one day, everything in this life will be gone, including all o f the hardships, pain, and embarrassment. This brings great joy and peace and helps one to focus on Christ.
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  14. I agree, especially for the end times, when we will not be able to buy or sell.
  15. John MacArthur runs a seminary and I highly regard him. Browse thru youtube for some of his sermons. Here's one I have listened to several times:

  16. My church focused on Jesus during the sermon and how is risen and sitting at the right hand of the Father. How we can trust in Him because He is trustworthy. That He is always there for us and His love never fails.

    I was up early this morning, it was between 5am and 6am as I was feeding our two month old. What was on sickened me. It was a televangelist talking about How God told Him to get over 1000 seed partners and ask for 1000 dollars each and that they are to have faith that God will triple their seed. He talked about how he has done the same and now FedEx and UPS trucks bring him at least three checks a day.

    So many people fall for it as they care only for money.

    Thank God I am not that naive.
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  17. Man, that really sucks. Do you know the televangelists's name?
  18. I dont watch those televangelist shows. Somehow they always pushing product or begging for money. Thinking we gullible just cos we christian.
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  19. I will go as far as to say many churches to NOT prepare one for battle and this is why we see so many christians running to doctors for pills when it is only spititual warfare or the battle of the mind.

    As far as the message you talk about hearing I have to say and I say this with NO DIS-RESPECT to you Juk BUT I would have to hear the entire message as it was spoken. I would be found in error if I made a judgment call without being there to hear.

    Just keep seeking God and alowing Him to show you what is or is not something He wanted said. Too many times God has a servent speak a message that folks say was not good or God and infact God was trying to open the eyes of those who felt it was wrong. This happens a lot too. Just because a message spoken does not get all the praise does not mean it was not God.

    All I am saying is..........A speaker may have saught after God for their message and God gave it to them to speak...........and folks may still want to tear it a part........
    Thank You Mr. Juk for sharing this
    Blessings my friend
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  20. [​IMG] What Jim said.
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