The Pieces Come Together

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  1. The Pieces Come Together

    This is kind of a weird mix of poetry and story-writing, lol. I made it because I feel the pieces are coming together about God and the Revelation, enjoy.

    The pieces are coming together so quickly in the eyes of God, but to us who await so eagerly for His return very slowly. I cannot wait until He comes in the clouds, taking us back Home. Won't it be beautiful? I cannot imagine what it will be like to live in Eternity, basking in true and wholesome happiness with the Father who cares for us so wonderfully and deeply every single year, day, hour, minute. Oh, I cannot wait for the One who paid for our sins - ours! We, these little humans in a little Earth, in a tiny Universe compared to the Power and Might of Him, God. And He spoke and created all these nebula, super-nova, galaxies, planets...that is how Mighty He is. He doesn't even need to use chemicals to create the Earth. He just spoke. Isn't that amazing? Who can scoff God? I cannot scoff my own Creator.
    I feel so terrible for these people who look at God upside-down. They will soon be blown away when His voice shakes the Heavens and the atoms disperse in a second, and when His people will disappear as fast as an eye can blink.
    And then we will rejoice and be in His presence in bodies so much different from ours! And who knows how long God has been since the Dawn of Time. He has existed forever, and that IS ForEVER.
    Let us rejoice and watch as the pieces come together, as they fall into perfect place and we await with eager minds and open hearts for THE LORD'S RETURN!

  2. Great words!

  3. Thank you very much, Faithwoman! <3
  4. I enjoyed that NTG thanks!:D
  5. Great thoughts :D
  6. Oh, I am glad you enjoyed that! ^^

    Thanks! I'm a deep thinker...I guess it shows! :p
  7. That was beautiful! I just can't wait much longer to get there. My husband says he can't imagine it and thinks it will be boring. So, I have been trying to imagine what we will be doing and finding some scripture on it to show him. But, I think if you are not close to God, there is no way you could appreciate how beautiful it will be. If you are still living your life down here for the here and now, then you will never understand.
  8. Thank you! I agree totally.

    I understand what it will be like and that not everyone will enjoy the experience - but who cares? I WILL BE WITH GOD AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!! YAY!! COME, FATHER, COME!!:groupray:

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