The most tender friendship

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by JG27_chili, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Very sweet indeed..just like bestest friends[​IMG]
  2. :smiley310: yep your right it blows my mind ,but it is so cool to see a best friend odd pair like that so bonded in friendship :smiley90:
    If Animals can break down the barriars of differences and just be best friends we humans have no excuses to not have a best friend in spite of differences :smiley10:
  3. You are Dang skippy!!! learn from the Apes n da Dogs. What a perfect example they can be:smiley10::smiley90::smiley20:

    I want an Orangutan and a precious puppy like these guys. What a sweet gift
  4. That was amazing chili thank you for sharing.... love Jane
  5. Im tellin ya dude!! We can learn from simple beings less than us. They dont have negative mind talk only their hearts to deal with, and that is where WE ALL should be. As humans we suffer greatly to an extent we can not bear:smiley40: un less we accept Jesus! So be happy and dont let the world bother da monkey or da dog.shut your mind n feel your heart, don't listen to your mind.....devil...listen to your heart.....Jesus and you will recreate the monkey n da dog. In the end it will be like this:smiley10:
  6. That was a really cool video. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. Chili .... I loved it . thanks that was so cute.
  8. It is perfect. I say that is an example of what God want's us to be...just like in the beginning in Genesis before Adam n Eve sinned. It will happen again soon:smiley130::smiley10::smiley120::smiley20: Be ready my bros n sis'

    Chili out
  9. I'm glad that I have you as my bestest friend..yes I am.
  10. I really loved that video! I love when you see videos of unlikely animal friendships. Thank you for sharing!

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