The Lord Saved My Brother's Life!

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  1. In December the Good, Good Lord saved my brother's life! I feel I really need to share this! :)

    Some of you might find this a little gross, but bear with me because it is an amazing story of the Great Healer and Faithful One!

    First off let me say that my brother is autistic. He does not understand everything about his body like he should. On with it then - not long ago my father and I took my brother to the emergency room. It turned out my brother had a very bad case of constipation. One doctor said it was the worst case he had ever seen in his career. The nurses couldn't understand my brother's high pain tolerance. And late that night I was told that the situation was actually life threatening.

    He stayed at the hospital for just over a week. Over and over again different doctors came in. They said my brother would be severely damaged in that part of his system for the rest of his life. They discussed all types of surgery they wanted to do to him. My family had none of it though. We prayed for his healing.

    Then, on Christmas Eve, my brother was allowed to go home. When he was released one doctor admitted to my father that he was surprised my brother hadn't died.

    And now, in January, my brother is healthy again. He is healed in the lower part of his system. His body functions like it should. It defies all physical sense - but praise GOD! He has saved and healed! :)
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  2. We tolerate way to many things the devil try's to do to us. I see lots of testimony's like this when children Of God say enough, you don't win sickness, you don't win crippled body, you don't win devil. Faith takes actions and believes.

    Faith also never takes plan B just in case. Faith does not move by reports. Faith speaks the outcome only and calls those things that be not as though they are.

    Day 7 the Doctors had told me and a relative that My son would die. Nothing they could do, the Rare form of T-cell was not responding to anything they threw at it.

    My Relative sat me down after hearing the news and offered to pay for my sons funeral, the wake, the casket and everything. He wanted me to not be burdened by the expense at a time of grieving. He wanted me to leave with him and pick out a headstone offering to pay for everything.

    That took me for a moment and everything about it sounded reasonable. I had told the devil to get his hands off my son days ago in the name of Jesus but the reports back from the doctor were not getting any better.

    I don't pray twice for the same thing as that is unbelief, then it came to me......... Like a strength inside.

    I stood up and said, "I am not going to bury my son, but thank you for the offer."

    It was that next night I got the call telling me my son would be dead by that night or best morning.

    I am not moved by these things, for God has failed nobody that did not waiver or doubt his Word. It has never happened to anyone, not one time.

    Thank you for sharing that awesome testimony.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! What happened next to your son?

    And yes...a Christian can take the Lord as His literal Word or be swayed by what the devil and the world say - for both of those agents will try to install doubt and fear into a believer - trying to get Him or Her to forget about Christ and His solid promises!
  4. Well, your testimony is very inspiring........... Your parents would have nothing of it and that was a pretty powerful statement to me.

    That statement says.............. "We believe what God said, over any report or natural circumstance"

    I wrote it in my bible long ago............ God says it, I believe it and that settles it.

    If God said I will supply all your need then I believe that and count on that despite all the shut off notices. I also believe I hear him better and do what He says to to avoid future shut off notices.

    If God said If we obey and serve him we should eat the good of the land, then the safest place on earth would be to be where God told you to be. Even if that is preaching Christ crucified in the town markets of Iran.

    I can go on.

    My Son? I did not finish that? May fault. This was back in 2002 or so.

    I told about being offered to pay for my sons funeral, it was the next day I got the call saying that my son would not live through that night. I was on Parole and could not travel To Chicago Memorial Hospital for Children off Lakeshore Drive.

    They were doing a spinal tap every single day and taking bone marrow from his hip just to track the cancer cell activity. All the blood vessels under his skin where bursting (petechiae) My son was pale blue.

    The very first day the doctor told me in the office what they thought it was I said....."In the name of Jesus this does not belong to us, you won't find any cancer in a week"

    Well........ Never put a time on the Lord, the devil will just mess with you once that time has expired. But I took my stand and said nothing else but the Word. For Jesus has redeemed us from the Curse of the Law.

    I then went out for a walk and told the devil to take his hands off my son in the name of Jesus. That was my only prayer and I just thanked God He is faithful for always keeping his Word to us and has never failed anyone.

    8 days later:
    I was told my son would not live, it was a very rare form of t-cell which is like Leukemia. B-Cell is the most common in Children and at that time had like a 80% remission rate....... It might be much higher now.

    After I got that call, I heard like a voice or something it said and I remember the exact words almost. "What you going to do now Faith boy? Everything you believed about God is not true and God heals Who he wants."

    It was hard................ but I said "It's not my Word Devil, I just believe and if you don't like it, Go bug Jesus about it. My son will live and not die, He shall declare the works of the Lord."

    That was about all I could say because of the tears and emotional break down. You can still cry, have goose bumps but it does not change what your heart believes or your mouth speaks. We fight the Good fight of faith, and if it was not a fight at times, then the scripture would have said we have smooth sailing all through live and nothing will bother you.

    Jesus said you will have tribulation in the World but fear not, I have overcome the World.............. Praise God!!!!

    On the 9th day I just got up and got "THE CALL" It was the wife and she said...................."My son will be at the Hospital all day long and we can't come home until the next day."

    That did not make any sense but she herself was just astonished. On the 9th day my son was alive and after they tested they could not find ONE single cancer cell in his body. This stumped them so they were going to run test all day to make sure they did not screw anything up. It did not make sense to them either.

    My son servers at church now doing the internet team. He is 23.................

    When I was told my son went into remarkable remission, I quoted them

    Nah 1:9
    What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.

    Folks came to late to tell me faith in God does not Work and what God has done for me, He will do the exact same and greater for others that will trust in him without wavering or doubting what He said in His precious Word.

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  5. Well said! And praise God for His Truth and the revealing of His healing in your own life and the lives of your family! :)

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