the light

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  1. the light

    being transparent,the light shows all.there is no hideing in heaven earth or hell.the light shines on cover stories nothing to save you but being with the light,no more excuses.lets all get better soon and tell others to get better.
  2. another thing about light to ponder....

    Light is in constant motion...Light is how we describe Jesus...

    Darkness is the absense of light...darkness does not move...

    Jesus is the Light of the world...Jesus does not stand still...He is always moving...working
  3. I recently heard a radio show about quantum theory and God as light.Using quantum mechanics theyve discovered an invisible light thats everywhere and isnt restrained by time like normal light.They say it contains all information and would apear to have a conciousness and power.Sound familiar :)
  4. cool. I've never heard that before...makes you wonder, huh?
  5. Yea.It said how prayer worked and miracles could be explained by quantum mechanics.As i experienced when god saved me,the heart is linked to it all.I literally felt gods love when i heard the gospel while walking through my mother in laws house.Th christian tv channel was playing and i heard the gospel,which stopped me in my tracks.
  6. Arj, you may be interested in the link on general discussion about the Australian church, please if you get a chance read it and let us know your thoughts!
  7. Thanks jax :)
  8. science is finding truth without faith,there just a bit slow.:)
  9. Darkness can only fill the void where no light is shined- selah

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