The Lack Of Hope In Secular Music

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  1. A few years ago, while I was trying to come back to Christ, I decided to drop pretty much all the secular bands that I liked, including my favorite, Nine Inch Nails. I have suffered with depression my whole life, and I felt like singing along with the negative lyrics was just reinforcing my hatred of myself and everything around me.

    So, I dropped my favorite bands and started over. At this point I started to get into the harder music because the lyrics seemed to hit home a bit more. So, now I'm completely into Hardcore and Metal and all the screaming. I just love it.

    The reason I say this is so that you guys understand that I haven't listened to secular music in probably three and a half years. I just started slipping some non depressing secular music into my library so that I could maybe find another band like NIN but with more positive lyrics.

    While checking around YouTube I found a Linkin Park song that didn't sound familiar. Linkin Park used to be one of my favorite bands. The song was called Given Up. I was really struck with how depressing this song was! The video just added to the sadness I felt for whoever wrote out these lyrics.

    Wake in a sweat again
    Another day's been laid to waste
    In my disgrace

    Stuck in my head again
    Feels like I'll never leave this place
    There's no escape

    I'm my own worst enemy

    I've given up
    I'm sick of feeling
    Is there nothing you can say

    Take this all away
    I'm suffocating
    Tell me WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG
    [end chorus]

    While screaming the Caps part the lead vocalist, Chester, makes a gun shape with his hand and puts it against his temple. He probably has the angriest face that I've ever seen him make during this part of the song.

    The song continues.


    Put me out of my misery
    Put me out of my misery
    Put me out of my
    Put me out of my f***ing misery
    [end bridge]

    I was actually kind of surprised that Linkin Park was even cussing, since they didn't have any cussing on their first few albums.

    Anyway, I was just thinking about how what we dwell on effects us. It's no wonder I was so depressed for so long. Secular music doesn't seem to give any hope to the listener. I listen to some dark Christian stuff, but at the end there is always hope.

    I encourage anyone that still listens to secular music to be very cautious about the lyrics that you are singing along with. I'm not saying that all secular music is bad. Just think hard about that favorite band of yours. Is that music really worth what it does to you?
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  2. I totally agree, Huntingteckel. Anyone can transform into what they see and hear day after day. I like many types of music, but when the artist needs to scream above his guitar, that's when they lose me. I tend to listed to the words and try to understand the meaning more than the average person, I guess. I listened to Country for a while because it made my life seem not so bad (joking). For a while now (a year maybe?), I've kept my radio on "The Message" (an XM radio station). I've grown to really like it and I even catch myself turning it up when my favorites play. Sometimes, I'll start my truck and surprise myself as to how loud I was playing the Christian music.

    Your point travels much deeper than just music. Television, movies, book, and even friends can steer your thoughts in the wrong direction. I'm not saying any of these are bad, including music, but when you're around it for long periods daily, you start to be less and less shocked by the content until eventually you accept it as normal.

    Homosexuality is not what condemned Sodom and Gomorrah, it was that the people condoned it.

    Excellent post, my friend.
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  3. I don't think that screaming vocals mean that the lyrics aren't as important, if that's what you're saying. If anything, that puts more emphasis on the lyrics. I think Oh, Sleeper has the best lyrics of almost any band I've heard and they use screaming vocals probably 70% of the time.

    What I'm currently into is Symphony Metal, which is heavily inspired my opera. I'm a wierdo though. I've only met one other person that has the same musical taste as me.

    I don't see Sodom and Gomorrah's sin as homosexuality, but that is for another topic that I would never even create. :)
  4. No, sorry. I didn't mean to imply screaming music was bad. I was just commenting on my taste. Glad you asked. Re-reading, I can see how it could have been taken that way.
  5. It's cool. I didn't think you meant it that way but I figured I'd put my 2 cents in anyway. I used to hate screaming vocals until recently so I understand not liking them.
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  6. (
    Jude 1:7-8 agrees with you, but other scriptures say that these twin cities were destroyed because they weren't nice people; they were not welcoming or generous. I am not very good at being receiving strangers in my home either. Scary thought for me!)

    But Hunting, I can't hear the lyrics in such songs. I've tried!

    . . . and given up.
  7. I personally like different types of music Christian and decent non-Christian. But most I've heard are Caribbean and American music. I'd love to hear some from other countries.
  8. Ms. tezriLi, did you just make a pun? :p

    Yeah, you really have to get used to screaming vocals. There are lots of terrible screaming vocalists out there that don't articulate their words when screaming. That's why I like vocalists like Micah from Oh, Sleeper. My wife can even understand what he's saying. She also thinks the vocalist from Demon Hunter (Ryan?) screams well and she can understand it.

    I could let you listen to some from Australia and Sweden, but I doubt you'd like it. :(
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  9. Sure! Can you post them? I'll get back to you tomorrow. I have to sign off now.
  10. I'll send you a PM.
  11. Cool. I'll check with you tomorrow.
    Thanks. :)
  12. Oh, and I let my wife watch the music video last night and she said that's how she imagines me thinking. I've always been really negative so that's not surprising.

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