The Greatest Example Of Forgiveness

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    But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. – Matthew 6:15

    Lesson of Forgiveness

    Sometimes the lesson of forgiveness can only be obtained through being the recipient of someone not being willing to forgive you. If we have been hurt in our past by someone we can be those who will not forgive others who hurt us.

    When we do not release others we end up not releasing ourselves. Even physical ailments can be a result of this pent up hurt and unforgiveness that manifests itself in bitterness, envy, resentment and even anger. For a Christian to hold onto any grudge or anger towards someone in the body of Christ affects not just themselves but others are defiled by their sin. It is not only a sin to not forgive but as we do this we enter into the strategy of satan because the demonic world is a world of unforgiveness. Not offering forgiveness is to not offer the love of Christ to another believer.

    We have received unmerited grace and forgiveness but then we say to someone “I will not forgive you,” we are doing what is opposite than Christ. When we do not forgive we show that we do not love Jesus because if we love him we will obey his commands. And his command is to forgive all.

    Jesus Suffered On the Cross

    Jesus on the cross suffered for your sins and he forgave you, he offered you this forgiveness and when we accept it, we become Christians. Jesus the Son of God on the cross was mocked, ridiculed and given a sponge with vinegar that some argue was used for cleaning in the washroom of Romans. If anyone had the right to be unforgiving, vengeful, angry and seek justice it would have been Jesus. But what is the reaction, he says “Forgive them.”

    He says to God the Father please do not hold these things against those who have hurt me so much. Please not only that please put their punishment on me so that they can be set free. We can share in the heart of Jesus that through our pains and hurts we can be able to help set others free through bearing the hurt with the love of Jesus Christ. Does this excuse sin? No, but it does allow healing and help for those who sin and we become more like the character of God towards others. In the light of sins against Jesus Christ, the sins others do to us are very little.

    The teaching of Jesus even goes further that if we do not release and forgive others, God will not forgive our sins or hold some of them against us. Lord, help me to forgive and fully release others as we all stand by your grace. Amen.
  2. Amen brother! If I could like your post more than once, you bet I would. I'll just leave this here

    God's showing me how difficult it can be to forgive when multiple people are hurting us at one time, but we still must.

    Thank you and God Bless :love:
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  3. You sure you don't have that backwards my friend?
    Seems like the devil will Show you how hard it is.....
    God will show you how easy it is when you walk in His ways!!
    Lol I could not leave that one go by.
    Just messing with you.....but really....truthfully
    Blessings Friend
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  4. To Go a step further even yet.....Our enemy the devil works hard to keep us from forgiving .....


    Because he can get judgment against You and that gives him right to get in and start setting up shop in your life.

    See our enemy the devil knows how to work God's word against us.

    Problem is far too many Christians Refuse to Accept this......sadly enough does not matter if one believes it or's just the way it is.
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  5. Huh.. never thought about it that way. You couldn't be more right.
    It's the devil who makes it difficult, and God's been trying to tell me how easy it is if I'd just pass it all over to Him. Woah.. mind blown!

    I was so distracted with anger/frustration I couldn't see how easy it was to let it go.

    Thank you FCJ!
    God bless you brother!
    (Learning from all you amazing folks is the best thing about CFS) :love:
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  6. That's it isn't it!
    Learning to let go.
    It really is just that simple, and it's just hard! Lol.....Actually it is us who make it hard.

    Our walk should be one big learning experience daily, that is if we are smart about it.
    It's a true Blessing having you here.
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  7. Yes. It is spiritually vital we forgive, but that doesn't mean we are to continue in caustic or dangerous relationships where another does not have our best interests at heart. We not only need to let go of our unforgiveness but also let go of some relationships.
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