The girl of my dreams

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  1. What attracts me most is a girl
    Who is in Love with another
    It can’t just be any one
    Not a father, sister, or brother
    Because I too have a love
    That will be first in my life
    If she does not understand
    She will never be my wife
    Yes I will take the backseat
    I will let Him lead
    We will follow Him together
    Seeking Him to please
    He has to be the foundation
    On which we stand
    Not trusting this world
    Or the word of a man
    This has to be for love to last
    Or love surely will fade away
    I seek a love that will
    Stand the test of time
    A love that will not stray
    A love that stands
    Strong in stormy weather
    So I seek Jesus to tie the knot
    That binds us both together

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  2. Ah a tale of love. Beautifully written...unfortuntely the right person hasn't been guided my way but wonderful poem. ;)
  3. When it was written it was intended to be humor but ended up containing wisdom and truth. Truth I wish I knew years ago.
  4. I can see the humour aspect but turned to wisdom (this isn't a bad thing). I have plently more years of youth left in me...hopefully my experience will be as said poem.
  5. I pray the Lord provides You with her. I pray that the prerequisite for your wife is her relationship with Him and the understand she will only be second to Him. He is the unmovable foundation.

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  6. A massive Amen to that @Ph8th.
    She must be something special in which the Lord is preparing me for. :ROFLMAO:

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