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    This video is only based on opinion, and not the word of God. It is fear mongering, and slanderous of certain known individuals. I find it just one of the many silly, yet noxious videos that anyone can find on YouTube.

    You don't have to look far to find an opinion of man that makes one comfy. Anti-rapture people would rather sow fear than believe God. While there is some truth in this video, it is flavoured by opinion that comes from a poor understanding of some of God's word.

    God's word reigns true. HIS opinion is what matters. You have to know it.
  2. This applies equally to those that post pre-tribulation rapture nonsense on this Forum.
    Much speculation and opinion. No evidence. Twisting the scriptures to suit the theory, rather than understanding the overwhelming
    doctrinal consistency that Jesus will collect and rapture the saints at the end of time as we know it - the Day of the Lord.
    Worse those that post their fantasies on the 7 year Tribulation and futuristic Assyrian Anti-Christ are very self-opinionated and smug.
  3. Yes, I can see plainly what the agenda is.

    Your opinion is duly noted, but that is ALL it is.
  4. That the word's revelation about the catching away of the saints before the Tribulation sets in on the unbelieving world is nonsense is only one's unlearned and unrevealed OPINION.
  5. YouTube is absolutely littered with videos like this. Any point of view a person has from a theological standpoint can be reaffirmed by throngs of people making and uploading videos to YouTube that reinforce whatever kooky idea they may have.

    Any time I'm watching what I think is a pretty good video and they take the train of though off-road and start getting into dispensationalism, I find another video to watch. I look like a crazy person rebuking my computer screen for scripture twisting, and that's not a good thing. I'm nutty as squirrel poo already.
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  6. HEEEYYYY, I represent those remarks.....hahah
  7. the Assyrian anti-Christ fits scripture, yes its an opinion of scripture, just as a pre-trib rapture is an opinion of scripture,
    i'd rather someone told me hey look theres the antichrist hes the pope or mohammed someone then they just kept quiet because the prevailing 'opinion'
    is held to be the right opinion, who said so?

    and i'd rather someone said: hey dude you may not be raptured at the beginning of the tribulation but somewhere in between..
    I've never been a pre -trib rapture person and I've been a Christian for over 30 years and read a lot of stuff and heard a lot of opinions,
    did the Christian church get raptured before the romans invaded Israel in 70AD slaughtering most of the population, millions,
    and destroying the temple...ANSWER IS NO.
    Did the Christian church escape any of multiple persecutions throughout Europe for the last 2000 years...the answer is NO.
    Did the Christian church escape Hitler, the answer is NO,
    SO, I expect the Christian Church will escape the WRATH of God in the DAY OF THE LORD,
    BUT will certainly not escape persecution prior to such a GREAT TRIBULATION TIME.
    YOU MAY:
    Have your goods confiscated,
    be subjected to arrest and imprisonment,
    have to choose between the mark of the beast and having income,
    be put to death,
    even in the united states, the so called bastion of freedom and liberty.
    mother of harlots....sorry that's just an opinion....hahaha
  8. God works with man through His set dispensations--or administrations. It isn't something to disregard. Rather, it helps us understand Him. It isn't nutty. It's good.

    Wisdom should tell you that YouTube is no source of truth and is best avoided for the most part, especially with regard to theology.
  9. I use YouTube for entertainment, not education. I'm two semesters from completing my PhD - I don't get my learnin' from YouTube. I just like to see the train wreck that is the human race make fools out of themselves cherry-picking scriptural verses or taking them completely out of context to support goofy antichrist ideas. I watch the garbage for the LOLs.
  10. As a relatively new believer you really don't have the spiritual wherewithal to know who are fools and who are cherry-picking scripture, nor have much of a depth of understanding concerning the what is antichrist and what is not. It is very unwise behaviour, and will hurt you in the long run.
  11. As a stranger, you don't have the wherewithal to make an attempt to rebuke me in public on this message board. You don't know anything about me or my abilities in discerning what is good and what is not. Shame on you miss. Please keep your arrogant statements to yourself from now on. You are being ignored.
  12. @Euphemia and @Lost_Sheep
    Come on you two, enough already. This constant bickering and one uping another will simply get another thread closed.
    Walk in love and forget all this correction stuff.
    Thank You and blessings
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  13. Sorry, LS. Sometimes the truth offends. I did not have that intention. However, the comment about watching YouTube videos in order to be entertained by what you judge to be "fools" or "train wrecks" or bearers of "goofy antichrist ideas" is arrogance, and the wrong use of judgment as taught by Jesus Himself.

    Much of the OP's video participates in that kind of judging, which raises my hackles quite a bit.
  14. The truth never offends. Just accept that you're an abrasive person and move on. Many of your comment all over this forum reek of "I'm a better Christian than you are", and that kind of arrogance gets my hackles up. So, quit being so smug. I for one am not impressed one bit.
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  15. I am NOT abrasive. I am no better than anyone (and I don't have a PhD). However, I have walked with the Lord a long time, and desire to help anyone in ways I know that they need it, especially when they express a need.

    So, you mistake a seasoned believer's remarks for arrogance. That is not uncommon on forums. My aim is not to impress but to help through the truth of God's word.
  16. If I need help, there are lots of people I would ask way before you. You think having quite a few more trips around the Sun and being a "seasoned" believer somehow puts you in a position to be a help to others, and it does not. You have a bit more scripture memorized, and that is about all I can say that you have on me.

    So, are we done with this ping-pong match, or do you insist on having the last word in this argument?
  17. A seasoned believer is not necessarily chronologically older. He is one who has had considerable experience in the tests and trials presented to him in life and has had opportunity to trust God and find Him and His precious word utterly reliable, and able to sustain him and lift him right out of his trial into victory. He speaks what He really knows about the Lord. We all benefit in life by knowing people like that. Personally, my life is richer for having many in my life now and in my past like that.
  18. You can't answer a question without going on some diatribe, can you? I'm done being lectured to and preached at by the likes of you.
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