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  1. Are people familiar with this online quiz?

    I find it offensive in the extreme, but before I get too far into my issues with it, I'll give some of you the chance to take it so we can compare notes.
  2. Yep, it's fairly obnoxious. A rather literal and simple minded view of things.
    Doesn't take repentance into account (or confession).

    I used to hear a lot of that sort of stuff from the Fire and Brimstone preachers down South.
    Every Sunday it was always the same thing, a half hour of "YOUR ALL GOIN' TA HELL".
    And my thought was , well reverend, I'll see ya there.
  3. I find it ineffective more so than offensive. This is straight from Ray Comfort. They walk a person through these questions, give a little speech, and they're on to the next person. It's like drive by evangelizing. There may be more going on behind the scenes but if not most of the people that respond to the good news are bound to be shipwrecked before too long without a solid foundation that they're not gonna get by being fast tracked into salvation by a camera crew and a dude with a microphone.
  4. Yeah, pure Ray Comfort, exactly.

    I resent it very much being told that I'm a murderer. I mean come on. I know I'm a sinner but let's keep things in perspective. I think it's kind of a hamfisted attempt at convincing unbelievers that they are utterly worthless and need God. And too often I find that message overstated in Christianity.
  5. If this test offends you then I highly suggest avoiding the Bible :)
  6. It's overkill, that's the point.
  7. If we are being salt and light, a pop quiz would not be needed. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, it's our job to love. Too often, myself included, we assume the duties of the Holy Spirit and leave love out.
  8. I thought the page will simply stop at condemning me! I answered that I am a murderer, adulterer and so on.. Then it finally asked if I still think I will go to heaven.. I answered Yes! Then it simply denied my answer is wrong.. It never asked me why.. Because I already believe in Jesus..

    Nevertheless, I would have like the page to be more scripture oriented.. In a way it is speaking the truth.. But better to use scripture to spread the gospel..
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  9. I've seen something similar to this used by evangelical preachers. Its not entirely inaccurate, I mean we all fall short of perfection, but it also misses the main point. No temporal sin is justly punished by eternity in hell, hell is a consequence of self-love which is the root of all sin.

    In that case, here is the real 'good person test' do you love God more than yourself?

    Those who love God don't want to sin and show contrition for their shortcomings. Christ taught us that sin comes from the heart, so one need only ask 'where is my heart placed?'
  10. Not really. Why are you so offended by this test?
  11. It's also
    Because it isn't the role of the person evangelizing to beat people over the head with condemnation, especially with this kind of hyperbole. Judge, judge, judge. The test badgers you into admitting you're a liar, a murderer, etc. and it seems to me there are kinder and more humane ways of showing people the way to Jesus Christ. This isn't it.

    Interestingly if you tell the test that you aren't a murderer, for example, it tells you yes you are and forces you to say you are before it will continue. Talk about over the top.
  12. It is just asking questions based on what Jesus said. We are all condemned until we repent and I think this test does a good job of showing how even someone who thinks they're good is full of sin.
  13. And if we are called to be fishers of men, how many people will this attract? This is no way to introduce someone to Christianity. It's off-putting and accusatory.
  14. How do you evangelize then?
  15. With love and with kindness.
  16. Yes but what do you do?
  17. I don't evangelize, period, because I'm not an evangelical Christian. But I will share what I have it people come to me, and then I do it stressing the positive messages.
  18. As D.L. Moody said it "Then I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it".
  19. And as Francis of Assisi said, "Preach the Gospel. Use words if necessary."
  20. How will they know what you are preaching when you don't say anything? Btw I like that quote and have heard it before, God gave us a voice for a reason though :)
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