The Apostate Church- Christianity without Christ

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  1. That is so sad. She is a very confused woman but sadly she is leading many others astray.
  2. The REALLY sad part is that she is actually getting persons to sit through her 'sermons'. THAT is the scarry part... persons who are so weak in their faith that they will take the ramblings of a person such as this as FACT.

    Let me just once again quote from Paul's admonition to the citizens of Rome in Romans 16:17-20 (NLT)

    ( Personally, I'll take the Apostle Paul's teachings as the Gospel of Christ - Persons who defame Christ and deceive others are on a level with Pagans... and we know of several groups that have come here to CFS recently 'to educate us all' with the same general mindset. Needless to say - they are banned from this site and if they return in any way, their ISP's will be notified of their actions and may disconnect them from the Net. )
  3. A Antichrist

    "[But] I think that in a generation or so we might stop using the term Christian, and I hope, perhaps we will stop using labels for every religious tradition. There is nothing wrong with a faith tradition evolving.

    Yes, probably so. But I don't intend to be here when that happens. And I don't think - I hope God doesn't wait for another generation to pass before this comes about. Are there people who pray that He tarries for awhile longer? Is that why He hasn't come yet? Can we hold off His coming with just our prayers? I pray He comes quickly.
  4. Amen to that Sweetsurrender.....

    Even so Lord Jesus....COME QUICKLY!!
  5. From satan's point of view this would be perfect.
  6. He is waiting for others to be saved, so that they will not be lost. :)

    Already, the word "Christian" is like striking a match in a gas room. I wouldn't be surprised if even saying or speaking of something Christian-related would cause a ruckus.

    Sooner or later, we won't be able to call ourselves this. Just "religious people".
  7. Without Christ there is NO Christianity and NO hope.
  8. Exactly Jon.

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