The Advantages Of Living In The Spirit Of God.

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  1. Because Romans Seven sounds like a lifestyle that many Christians live, and Romans Eight is what all Believers should be living, IN THE SPIRIT, Lets discuss how to get there.

    I'm leading off with a quote from Brother Abdicate, my good friend, in which he instructed me in some wonderful ways to walk in the Spirit. I felt that his teaching, along with your ideas or instructions could benefit us all....I will end this and my next post will be Abdicates teaching.
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  2. "I am learning this myself. Walking in the Spirit first comes by listening. When we pray or type a note or sleep or fill-in-the-blank, we need to be aware of God's presence. This is praying without ceasing. When we are listening, then we can stop in mid-stance and say "yes Lord, here am I" when He calls. It's all about being sensitive to Him. He will call at the most inopportune times to see if you're serious about our walk with Him. What comes first, Him or a game or dinner or... "Seek ye first..." This is why the devil has the rebellious world keeping everyone so busy by inventing new ways to keep from having down time so we don't take the time to stop and listen. The story of Elijah is our example. God wasn't in the earthquake, nor in the fire, nor in the wind, but in a still small voice. Listening for God is like listening for that whisper at a state fair. But when we're sensitive, we can hear Him though we can't hear ourselves think.

    When we learn to hear, then we need to learn to obey just like Jesus did, Hebrews 5:8. We have to understand that though Jesus completed the course, it's up to us to literally follow in His foot steps. He lived by the promptings of the Holy Spirit, not as God. He took off that mantel and put on mortality and chose to live as we do, but He showed us a better way. A way that isn't confined to the laws of this world, but for the glory of the Father. We have the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth to move as the Spirit wills. To do as the Spirit prompts us. By Him we also have the authority and power to perform. But to do that we have to learn to listen and obey unquestionably. Think of it like this: if someone wanting to prove God prays "God if you're real, have someone yell out 'Praise Jesus'." At that moment in the middle of a crowded supermarket you get a prompting to "Praise Jesus" out loud. What'cha gonna do? Save your pride or serve the Lord? He will make you do things that seem really REALLY dumb, but they all serve a purpose.

    The more obedient, the more responsibility because He can trust you with more. That's where the prosperity group have missed the mark. Indeed God will provide for all my needs, and God will even bless you with a want now and again, but it's not a lustful demanding right; they're a gift. While a parent will still provide for a rebellious child, would that parent indulge that rebellion with a new car? A righteous child calls for blessings from the parents through actions not words, and unknown to the child, the parent is eager to bless the child lavishly. As I've said before, it's all about relationship with God. That is why I chose my nickname Abdicate; to surrender my rights, my throne, to the Father. I chose it to remind ME to do just that, surrender. Bad guys surrender to the cops, but the righteous surrender to the Lord.

    Lastly, how can you tell what to do. Through peace. Let's say you have a choice, right, left, or center. You ponder right and ask the Lord. If you don't have peace, that's not the right choice, even if our flesh wants it. So you obediently ponder left and ask the Lord. Again if you don't have peace, that too is not the right choice. So you again obediently ponder center and ask the Lord. This time you have peace; that's the correct choice. There are two exceptions, as all generalizations do, what if you didn't get peace for any choices; then you wait. The other is when you have peace for them all; then God is saying "I'll bless you either way you choose." He wants to see if you are in sync enough with Him to choose what He would. Sometimes it really doesn't matter. I have three kids and we had been working on potty training the oldest. I was watching them play together and my oldest got up from playing, walked to the bathroom, used the toilet, washed his hands, and returned to playing. Now to someone without kids this may seem to be ridiculous, but I was so elated and filled with pride for my son. We never once made eye contact, he did it all on his own. He conformed to my wishes so that his wishes were now in sync with mine. That's what the Father wants from us. My son did what he did not to please me, but to please himself (relieve his bladder) but he did it correctly and not just selfishly in his shorts, and he washed his hands! 100% obedience, not 90%. What an example the Spirit taught me a that moment what it is to walk in the Spirit.

    Finally (you know there's always more than one), if you're not at peace, how can you know something isn't right? Women are very sensitive to the Spirit because God gave them stronger instincts than men so as to protect their offspring. The world calls it "Maternal Bonding" and they try to explain away the Holy Spirit. The word of God is written on our hearts, even the unsaved. Most people are taught to use the 5 senses, but just like the woman at the well who had five husbands, the one she lived with wasn't her husband - the Spirit. We need to wed ourselves to the Spirit and give Him preeminence in our lives even over our 5 senses. Even the world unknowingly calls Him the 6th Sense. Give God the credit for all things natural too. So if we don't take the time to pray and meditate on His word, however are we to be at peace when trials come, and they will come, because they come to pass. They don't come to stay! :D

    I pray this helps. I have to remind myself too of these things."

    My thanks to Abdicate for this instruction. I'm looking forward to yours.
  3. The more obedient, the more responsibility because He can trust you with more.
    Yea it is the faithful in liitle then you can be trusted with more.

    That'swhere the prosperity group have missed the mark. Indeed God will provide for all myneeds, and God will even bless you with a want now and again, but it's not a lustfuldemanding right; they're a gift.

    This statement is both false and true. No true prosperity teaching comes close to the demanding statements that are claimed to be taught. God Will supply all of our needs does not enter into the material things prayed for.

    God GIVES ALL THINGS...... look at this word "Things" now Richly to enjoy. Not maybe enjoy but RICHLY which means a lot. Those things will meet our needs BUT GOD DOES NOT GIVE US THINGS TO MEET OUR NEEDS. God does not give out of our needs.

    Seek His kingdom first and ALL THESE THINGS will be added unto you. God knows you need a car or a house or shoes or a job and so forth. He already knows we have needs. Seek Ye His kingdom first..............This means putting God first and we all know this but that is NOT even the icing on the cake.

    This means drawing closer to Him and learning how to operate in His ways. Walking in the ways of His word.......Doing what His word says to do and NOT doing what it says not to do. Learning How God operates and desires us to operate is KEY. God has a system or a way of doing things. No doctrine or teaching will ever change this nor can you or I ever change this.

    Once we learn how to act or operate in this Kingdom then we allow God to fulfill THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.
    GOD gives us things to enjoy because HE LOVES US.....NOT because we need. We need Him and we NEED the Blood of Jesus.

    Here is one more thing I want to say about Prosperity always thinks of finances when they here prosperity and they are NOT incorrect BUT RATHER INCOMPLEAT.
    Within the entire prosperity teaching, money and material goods is a small piece and not the main focus.
    God Bless
  4. I dunno....all the prosperity teachings that I have heard and read tend to make material blessings the main focus.
  5. Non that I have listened to do. Funny how that is. Then again I let the Lord lead me to some one for I found out a long time ago that if I try and choose who I should be listening too. Well it was slow growth let me tell you.
  6. That must be the difference then Jim, cause I wasn't led to the ones I have heard and read. I just happen to find them on the internet mostly.
  7. Yikes ! lol
    Mykuhl becareful what you alow into your mind from the net. I only say this for several ministries that I know of now have to put up warnings that there are counterfits out there. They mimic pages and material and seek gain in the name of another ministry and also edit teachings to say things they never did.

    I saw one on a you tube video and if I had not already listened to the dvd about 100 times I would have been fooled but I knew first hand that it had been doctored up becasuse I know what was said and where things were said.

    Too many things that others use as proof have been edited out of context and it is sad. Now there are some questionable ministries but I tend to avoid them in the future and pray for them. Thats my job as a born again believer......Praying for them not bashing them and laying scriptures out to make a point look correct.

    Blessings and I pride
  8. Thanks for the words of warning Jim. I will keep them in mind for sure.
  9. Your welcome.

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