That ancient serpent called the devil

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  1. That ancient serpent called the devil

  2. Jesus has come to divide.
  3. This I know, please do help me understand the battle in heaven, not the things I already know :D


  4. michael and his angels fight with satan and his angels and are not found,to me this means they are lowered to earth.:)
  5. ;)
  6. What if things get worse? God is able to keep us and the darker the night the brighter our lights will shine. Even as Egypt groped in the darkness God's people walked in perfect light. As Egypt (the world's system) suffered horrible plagues God's children walk in perfect health. We do not have to fear the plagues. If we should be martyred for Christ this is the highest honor a saint of God can receive - to lay down ones whole life for the Master.
    Death is simply graduation and promotion so any way you look at it we win.
  7. Jesus is told most things ,the only thing Jesus doesn,t know is the hour.he says only the father knows.everything Jesus knows can be taught to us.satan is questioning God,s authority,and trying to make questionable the truth.but God,s words last the test of time.and there has to be a point where satan tells all what his doctrine this time satan will be found out to being a heavenly plains this is.i don,t worry too much,God has told us the end,and it will be done.:)
  8. build your house on the rock.the sand looks very tempting,but when the judgement comes the sandcastle can,t cope with the waters and is destroyed,the rock stays put.:D
  9. for a war to start in heaven,this can only mean satan lies there people in heaven are falling away with the tempting of evil ,maybe down here.maybe they watch what goes on down here and are tempted.we will see.:)
  10. Heaven is the living in the very presence of God and the new throne of God will be on earth with His bride. That is just my opinion though.
  11. maybe,i don,t know,maybe the will of God is done in heaven,and satan has been corrupting them by watching us.i don,t know.

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