Thank you Jesus

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  1. Thank you Jesus

    I was just outside for a moment. You look up at the sky and it is just beautiful. You see how God has arranged the clouds in the sky. How the sun lets off just enough rays to keep the coolness at the perfect temperature, I heard the birds singing their songs. You can see the love God expresses to us everyday and the time He took to create all of this. How can anyone say there is no God when proof surrounds us daily?

    Thank you Jesus for this Wonderful day that is full of mercy. This is another day that you have blessed us with. This is another day for a lost soul to to say "yes" to your ways, yes to your thoughts, and yes to your will."

  2. Yes indeed. God is the best artist ever! :D
  3. Thank You Jesus

  4. Yes!
    I never understood that either, do people just think it all happened, and believe that nothing created something..
    Praise GOD that we know and can see and thank the true maker!

    Wonderful post Godbe4me

  5. That is exactly how I want my unsaved friends to feel . . . like you felt in that moment. To see these things of nature through the eyes of their Maker is way beyond that of even a poet who knows not God. I wish that for all mankind. . . that feeling of freshness and thankfulness. Thanx for that, Godbe4me! Bonnie

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