Thank You For This Place

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by rob aston, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. nice to be here, looking forward to the future! :)
  2. Hello...Where ya from?
  3. Carlyle st......seriously small 2 bdm flat in central new Zealand, you rusty must be around Thailand, a conspicuous white face
  4. Great...Need some good Kiwi hands on deck. Have several close mates there and been over twice.
  5. so Thailand was right? ravenhill's message I recall was "Let God arise and His enemies will scatter!!!"
  6. Yes...Ravenhill was a real pip, wasn't he?
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. A pip is "a highly spirited and exceptional person"...not used much today.
  9. hey rusty, you doubled up on this one
  10. Actually....I thought you missed my explanation in my PM....hence the "?".
  11. ok, moving your children enjoy mixing with the indigenous?
  12. My children are quite grown up and live elsewhere....We love living here with the locals of so many different cultures and participate in many community affairs as welcome guests. We have no racial/ethnic barriers and are just as comfortable on a rattan mat in a jungle house dining with rubber tree tapers as we are with million royals.

    The young girl in the avatar is not our child.
  13. that is a credit to your character, there not being barriers. I wonder, do the hosts understand your humour or you had to modify?

    I am home-bound but God-useful I think. My stressful ex-marriage was necessary to tame this rebel, now I am content. my family email-sep08.jpg
  14. Big family....small picture!

    Yes...They do understand our sense of humour here....
  15. see u a bit later

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