Ten Wonderful Things About GOD

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  1. Ten Wonderful Things About GOD

    1 - He is merciful and understands that you makes mistakes, and is always ready to forgive.

    2 - He is kind. He loves the animals just as much as He loves us.

    3 - His Word is still alive today. For all these centuries this one book - the Bible - has still existed even during war, famine, and comunnism.

    4 - His love for you is precious.

    5 - You do not have to feel guilty for your sins anymore. God has paid the price for you sins so that we do not have to sacrifice innocent doves, bulls, lambs, etc for Him.

    6 - There are no petty rules and regulations with God. Salvation is for all - all colors, all languages, all races.

    7 - The way to salvation is not a hard one. God has made it easy for His followers to find Him and grow in Him.

    8 - You can always trust the Lord. He is true and faithful.

    9 - He has given us a beautiful world to live in. He has given us knowledge, wisdom, talents, and the beauty of the heavens to entertain us.

    10 - Above all, He is the LORD - The WAY, The TRUTH, and the LIFE. There is no other way to God but through Jesus Christ, His Son. Amen

  2. That is 10 out one 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,00,000!:)
  3. The reasons , like Larry says are endless and those are some good ones nearer.... Thanks:):)
  4. You are welcome!

    It was hard to pick because there are so many wonderful things about Him that it's hard to choose!
  5. :D:D Amen that's right.... nearer.
  6. :D:D:D:D:D:D

    I think if I could, the page would be 1,000 ft long with all the wonderful things about God!

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