Taught to Worship

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  1. Taught to Worship

    Taught to Worship By Tony Beckett and Woodrow Kroll

  2. Thank you for the link.
    I am still thinking deeply about the statement that genuine worship has to be learned.
    I am not sure I fully understand or agree.
  3. Just my opinion but true worship is birthed in the heart of a believer when He is born again, it is after all one of the reasons we were created- God is actively seeking those who worship Him in spirit (you recreated spirit) and in truth- living a life that is truly a love song to Jesus- all such issues of life flow freely in us as we abide in the Vine- God after all made man for fellowship - as we worship our hearts are poured out before Him, He in kind responds by pouring out His Spirit and love on us- it is truly the most intimate form of communion (or common union)
    I find it interesting that even after millenia of worshipping God the angels are still overwhelmed by His glory- they are still captivated by His beauty and majesty - the more you know of Him the more awesome He becomes- the more you want to cry out in worship- this is a natural response that will always occur when we see Him- I guess if we really need to learn anything it would be to fix our eyes and hearts on Him - the worship will flow- In His Name Larry
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    Perfectly spoken, Boanerges
  5. I like how you worded that. :)

    If there was even a pinpoint size of impurity on, or in, one of those angels, that overwhelming glory they see would consume that angel.

    Just imagine what it would do to anyone not clothed in the perfection of Jesus.

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