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  1. Tango Mike Mike

    This is a tribute to our American soldiers and a real hero in my book. There could be another soldier out there with such bravery and I am sure there is! Remember to pray for our countrymen.Need I say more? In rememberence of
    Roy P. Benavidez


    Chili prayin:smiley40:

    Fighting REALY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Forgive us Jesus!!
  2. And the Canadian Soldiers as well . I just saw a tribute on the news tonight to one who is being awarded tonight for his brave service and cannot serve any more because of injury .

    Yes we need to pray for our men and women .
  3. This brought tears and honor to my heart. i know in all countries there is a brave person that will go that distance to save a fellow human. S....... bombers don't count

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