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  1. Hey everyone! My Bible college was doing a talent shower tonight.
    I signed up to do sign language to the song "Love Me" by JJ Heller. (Look it up if you haven't heard of it. IT's a really good song!)
    I was praying that it would really reach people, that they may know that GOd SINCERELY loves them!
    Anyways, so when it was my turn for the talent show, I went up.
    I had a few shouts from a lot of people saying that they loved me haha.
    Anywayssss, after I signed the song. I got a standing ovation, lots of screams, and even people were crying.
    I'm not boasting, I"m just glad that like, it reached people.
    A lot of people came to me saying that I did a good job.

    I'm just glad it reached people!!!! And that makes me soooo happy =)
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  2. This makes me happy too!:)
  3. Ha yeah :)
  4. Sign language has a poetry all its own. It gives words movement. Wish I could have been there.
  5. My son has a talent show next month, he's rockin the electric guitar.
  6. Awesome!!! I wish I could have seen you do that. I love watching sign language to music. It is beautiful.

    I'm sure you did an awesome job for God.
  7. That is awesome, my 19 month old niece is learning sign language, she know's more than I do, lol.

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