Take You At Your Word

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  1. Take You At Your Word

    Take You At Your Word

    (Your Word is Light, Your Word is Love, Your Word is True...)

    Everybody's looking for somthing to believe in
    Lord, I find the faithful are few and far between
    The more I read about You
    The less I've cause to doubt you
    What You say Lord,
    You mean Now I've seen
    I can take You at Your word
    And my heart can rest assured
    Oh, I trust You
    As I live I've learned
    That I can take You at Your word
    Your name is written here on the my life in love and kindness
    Your word is hidden here in my heart to guard my soul
    I've heard the gospel of
    You're redeeming love
    What You say, Lord, You do
    I know it's true
    Your word is life,
    Your word is love,
    Your word is true
    Say You, say Your word to me
    Lord, Your word is a lamp to my feet
    And Your word is a light to my path.

  2. What a nice song! Thanks D!

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