Super Blood Moon Sunday

Discussion in 'Events' started by Abdicate, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Should be clear here in Los Angeles. Hopefully I can get a few pictures.
  2. I can't get any live streaming anywhere.

  3. yah, me too, servers are probably overloaded.

    I'm kinda miffed and saddened that we have full cloud cover here.
  4. Sky cleared, moon is small, but here it is from my veranda!

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  5. Here is what it looked like in Michigan

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  6. @Abdicate can you tell us what the major event for Israel was that the completion of this tetrad has marked? Or has it not been established or announced yet?

    God bless
  7. You need to read the history of the other tetrads. Sometimes things happened before the tetrad, others happened during and others after. This wouldn't be the first. Nothing, that I know of, happened before/during/after the tetrads of 41-42AD, 125-126AD, or 144-145AD, but that doesn't mean something didn't happen, it just wasn't recorded to where I can find its significance. If nothing happens by 2018 then it was just a time in which nothing happened. Israel is on the verge of the Gog/Magog war as well as Damascus being destroyed. With Chinese submarines lurking in the Med, the Russian fleet off Syria, and Damascus surrounded with the enemy (ISIS) within the city limits of Damascus. The EU just branded all goods from the "occupied territories" so they can be rejected by its citizenry. Even the Sanhedrin said Israel is in the midst of the God/Magog days. So, watch the news and we'll see. September 2016 is the end of the Shmita (because last year was the 49th Shmita and a Jubilee is also a Shmita). Time will tell.
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  8. Thank you for taking the time to post what you did. I did read your page on the others and thought you were going to say it was because of the peace treaty. Hahaha.... as i was praying about it after we watched a program on the signs of the times, i felt The Holy Spirit saying that this recent tetrad marked the shift in the spiritual realm, where more of the glory is being released, more of the book of Acts type of ministry is to be comming, but was not sure what if anything had happened in Israel.

    God bless!
  9. It certainly would fit as that's part of Joel's overall prophecy checklist :D Blood moons, check, sun blacked out, check, smoke & fire, check, spirit outpour...
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  10. Glory to God! Bring on the Anointing Jesus :)
    I believe I receive it. I have it. I take it. Glory! Glory! Glory
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  11. You talked about a peace treaty in the thread with atp and the mid trib that the anti Christ is that different than the one that was just made between the Palestinians and Israel.
  12. Yikes triple post :(
  13. Well, I've searched, but I cannot find any treaty with the PA and Israel. Do you have a link?
  14. Maybe i misread your timeline from the above link?
  15. The context of the "moon shall turn into blood" is that a" third of the stars will fall from the sky "
    There is going to a great and catastrophic earthquake the like of which will never have been or will ever again .
    The earth is going to stagger like a drunken man(wobble)

    For the moon to go THAT blood read something then must happen to the sun also . For it is not an eclipse .
    Nor is it for now . For the antichrist is not yet manifested the Jews are not saved etc etc .
    and the Bride has not gone .

    in Christ

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