Sup guys.

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  1. The getting started pack thing suggested that I do this, so here I am. Hello everyone :) I am Juk (but my actual name is Christian) and I love God. I also make graphics so if you need me to make any graphics I would be happy to do so. But I'm not a programmer.
  2. Also new here, nice to meet you Juk (or Christian, if you prefer).
  3. Thank you. And you can call me Juk :)
  4. You mentioned you are into graphic production, is this a job or a hobby? What kind of graphics do you make?
  5. It's a hobby. I usually make YouTube graphics but I think I can make anything that's not web design or t-shirt design. So posters and stuff like that as well as any type of graphics needed for YouTube.
  6. haha I'm very non-techy, so I'm probably asking all the wrong questions :p So you make YouTube videos?
    Have you studied this at university, or would you like to?
  7. I used to make YouTube videos, and that's what got me into graphics. I do plan to go to a university on graphic design. I do not think that I need to go to a university just to make YouTube graphics though.
  8. What do you wanna do with it then?
  9. I just do it for fun. But I want to be a professional one day.
  10. Welcome to you both :)
  11. Welcome Juk...great to see you here.
  12. Thank you :)
  13. Hello Juk and it's good to meet you, hope you enjoy yourself here on CFS...
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  14. Thank you.

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