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    With Easter just around the corner, thought you might like this one I wrote some years ago.

    It should have been I
    in the judgement hall
    facing the charges brought:
    indicted justly for my wrongs
    before a righteous Judge.
    Yet You stood, instead,
    the sinless God
    hauled for judgement
    before sinful man.
    You spoke not
    to defend Your innocence
    but in silence bore my guilt
    and in my place
    received the sentence due to me.

    It should have been I
    whose back was whipped
    for beatings
    are for the backs of fools,
    and I in foolishness
    have set before You other gods
    of stone, of flesh, of thought,
    but mostly of myself,
    whilst You
    wisdom personified
    have brought the truth.

    It should have been I
    whose hands and feet were nailed
    to cruel beams
    as they shuddered into place
    and torn
    by the weight of sin’s burden.
    For my hands
    have often been
    the instrument of evil
    and yet more often still have failed
    to do the good they could have wrought;
    my feet have carried me
    to places where Your Spirit
    could not comfortably rest.
    But your hands
    brought only life
    and Your feet
    led you only in the Father’s paths.

    It should have been I
    whose head was crowned with angry thorns
    for thoughts of anger
    hatred, envy, lust and greed
    are not strangers to its paths
    and my mind
    in rebellion
    has often sought
    to raise itself above the throne of God.
    But Your mind bowed
    before the Father’s will
    obedient even
    to this ignominious end.

    It should have been I
    whose heart was pierced
    this heart in which
    the depths of degradation lurk;
    whose motives all
    are tainted with corruption
    and whose purest thoughts
    stink of death.
    Instead, Your heart of love
    was rent
    not by the soldier’s sword
    but by my guilt.

    It should have been I
    who died
    exposed in naked shame
    before the eyes of all
    who cared to look;
    screaming eternally
    to unresponding infinity
    for the just God
    who turned His head away.
    But You,
    the righteous One
    received my wages due
    and I
    walking free and clean
    offer my inadequate response:
    Thank You.
    Thank You.


  2. That was beautiful, Lynn! You have a fine gift!
  3. That was just flat awesome Lynn- thank you.
  4. Just Beautiful

  5. That is awesome Pastor Lynn . So true .... It should have been I .

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