Sturgis 2009

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  1. Sturgis 2009

    I wasn't able to make it to Sturgis this year, but I'll post some updates as I get them from friends.


    How's that for a cool picture...
  2. Have you ever heard Larry the Cable Guy's monologue about his grandmother's death ?

    He said that he went to the flower feller's shop as soon as he heard that his grandma had died. He told the guy behind the counter that his granny died at age 101 and the man helped him pick out a nice arrangement. The flower feller asked him if he wanted a card... he thought for a moment and said, "sure, why not?". He picked one out that said, "Get Well Soon."

    The flower feller asked Larry the Cable Guy how his grandma died. ( Larry the Cable guy thought to himself - this guy is dumb...she was 101 years old for crying out loud.) So Larry the Cable Guy looked the guy straight in the face and said, "Yeah - Granny wrecked her Harley at Bike Week in Sturgis."

    That shut the flower feller up ! ;)
  3. I like it.

    "Here's Yer Sign."

    (But, "Bike week" is at Daytona,...Sturgis is Sturgis.) :D

    Git yer bike rally's straight P-G!! :cool: :D
  4. Thats Okay.

    Some day I'll tell you about the last time my wife and I went to Daytona Bike Week.

    (That will have to be via "P.M.") :eek: :D

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