Stupidest eBay Auctions - absolutely hilarious!

Discussion in 'Humor' started by NearertoGod, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Stupidest eBay Auctions - absolutely hilarious!

    Can you believe what people sell on eBay?

    LMBO! This is so hilarious!

    Stupid eBay Auctions!
  2. Someone sold his life on ebay. He divorced his wife. So, he sold his job, house, and possessions on ebay so he could go start anew somewhere else. His boss agreed totake whoever new came and long as he trained them.
  4. Wha...! :eek:

    You know, I think I should visit eBay more often. If they've got this kind of stuff on there...but I'm not going to bid on anything. :D

    I saw where someone sold 2% of each of his earnings starting at $100,000. He was going to Cal State Fullerton, too.
  5. I'd pay a million bucks for that Star Trek apartment...that's cooooool!:)

    Of course, I don't have a million bucks...but if I did, I would! Hee hee.:D
  6. Sometimes, I wonder if I should do that. Make like I have "Red Ghost Spit" or something.

    Get some water, sugar, and red dye and make that, then sell it for 99 cents on up.


    I know some dude sold some packing peanuts and said it was ghost something.

    Lol, people are so random. :cool:
  7. One time I almost won and auction for a pocket PC. The price was practically pennies! Woo-hoo! Then I looked at shipping and handling charges and my jaw dropped!:eek:

    Good thing I lost that auction.:eek:
  8. How much was S&H?
  9. If you can get money for gas in a jar - I know someone who could make an absolute fortune! ;) :)
  10. LOL Ausgirl, that's funny!:)

    S&H was something like $79 for a small unit about the size of a palm.:rolleyes:
  11. Holy Cow - what a clip job!

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