Stop Complaining for a Happier Life

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  1. Hi, below is my new article on how to stop complaining...something I struggle with. Hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear how you deal with complaining, or the ability to stop.

    God bless,

    Stop Complaining for a Happier Life

    I learned a big lesson this week.

    Big careful what you ask for. Especially when you’re asking it from God.

    For Lent this year I gave up one (I stress “one”) of my biggest faults.


    Well, at least that was my intent. It turns out that during my first two weeks of Lent, my resolution has been a smashing failure.

    In fact I think in the span of 12 days, I have complained more than I have in four months.

    Again, be careful what you ask for.

    When we decide to give things up, or to stop falling into our old faults and habits, it can only happen if we are given opportunities to prove ourselves. And when God allows us to be tested, He does a very valuable thing for us.

    The testing or trials we undergo come in various ways. First it will often require us to move out of our comfort zones and into areas we have never encountered before, or remain in areas we’re well aware of, and greatly dislike.

    These past two weeks I have encountered a series of obstacles, and have been left feeling very overwhelmed. And when I become overwhelmed, I tend to become a “worst-case scenario” thinker. And when that happens, I can start to think that the entire universe and everything and everyone is against me. And then, digging deeper, this leads me to…

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  3. @Grow in Virtue ,
    Hello brother,
    What kept the children of Israel walking around in the wilderness ? Murmuring and Complaining . God tells us to speak His words. Complaining is not something He has given us to do or say.

    I used to complain about everything that bothered me. I can see now how that just made things even worse. I think God sometimes allows us to get to the point where we cant stand being around our selves for even we can get tired of listening to our selves complain.

    Thank You for this post and Brother.........You have already WON this just go get it done....
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  4. Yah im guilty or Im beyond guilty it just peeves me off seeing others (who aren't Christians) just blessed w/ everything under the sun, from good looks, friends, significant other, job,work ethic, blessed w/ a stable mind, good health,healthy kids ...and the list goes on...

    and you wonder if god even likes you lol

    its hard but doable...

    Does keeping your mouth shut, despite having complaining thoughts count? lol
  5. Instead of complaining, maybe say to God you are thankful for what he already blessed you with and say youd like more blessing? And also rejoice that God has blessed others?

    Otherwise thats kind of coveting. I kinda fell into that trap too.

    We have to learn to be content whether we starving or overflowing. Either way we still belong to God. Nobody can take that away from us. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He didnt have a lot of those things ppl have, like he didnt have a home, wasnt married, even gave up his carpentering job. He wasnt especially good looking, his friends betrayed him, and he had all these sick people following him around...and people called him crazy.
  6. Yea if we complain too much the ground is gonna give way beneath us and we fall into the pit. God has already given us life, what have we to complain about really? Its just being petty. We still alive, got breath in our body.
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  7. For me, I used to complain about everything, and if I couldn't complain about what was happening to me, I'd find something like the government, school system or society to complain about. No matter how much I complained though, nothing changed aside from my attitude towards life.

    What helped me was relating everything to God, eternity and the gospel. Sometimes it feels wrong to thank God for the guy who is going 35 is a 55, making you late for work, but there is a reason for it even if it isn't apparent. the trials of this life are particles of a vapor in relation to the eternal joy we will have with the Lord in heaven. The fact that Jesus died on the cross for us can cover everything. If he died on the cross for the sins of man, and forgave the people doing it to him as he died, I can get through getting yelled at by my boss for something that wasn't my fault. Or know that even if I get fired, the lord has a bigger plan for me, and to keep my eyes on him, and not in this world.
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