Stephen King - The Mist

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  1. Jesus is about good not bad,so bible thumping bad guys are easy to see.
  2. Exactly, Smellycat! Bible thumping weirdos is what the general population expects to see. Hohum, nothing new here.
    Instead of running King over, how about praying for his salvation? When he was first starting out, he was a very good writer. [​IMG] The Lord could turn him around and start writing wonderfully uplifting stories instead of everything dark and full of despair.
    They say you write what you know.[​IMG] Could it be that what he knows is death, evil, corruption and despair? [​IMG]

    Hey, WW! I've got kleenex, crossword puzzle book, hand lotion and breath mints! But no shoe horn! USB cable? Now what is THAT doing in there?[​IMG]
  3. Bible thumpers- I call them preachers, evengelists and Christians.
  4. *giggles*

    It goes to my mp3 player, digital camera, and voice recorder. Amazingly, it fits all three, so I'm never without it.

    Also got an electronic bible to add to the collection now! Yay!

    Personally, I think there are really bible thumpers out there. Enraged and just filled to the brim with anger, they tell of God's constant anger. I've met a few of them. They're not happy at all.

    They're constantly on the prowl for sinners and have these little post-it markers stuck in their bibles, color-coded, so they can quickly flip to the section that tells any given person exactly why he's doomed forever in hell no matter what happens from here on out.


    But I also know Christians and pastors. They don't use their bibles as a thumping post, or as a dictionary of sins for other people to follow (except themselves). They're happy people who are able to apply God's Word to their own lives.

    Stephen King's daddy up and left him when he was a baby. Never came home. There's rumors that the daddy tried to come back into his life after King had become famous, but nothing doing.

    King's mom died of cancer, poor, when he was still in college. He found out that she was working two jobs to send him food and money and was living in poverty herself back home.

    King has been blessed far beyond his own knowledge, yeah. He has also experienced many, many problems (like we all do).

    We're all blessed, ya know. The blessings can expand and shrink the bad stuff. If we're on the lookout for them and are thankful for them.

    You got a stapler or paper clips in your purse?:D:eek::)
  5. people look to there parents,so like anything else if the parent is pretending to be a christian,and is awful to the child,then the child thinks all are the same.
  6. Right on the money, Smellycat! :DChildren are like sponges, they take everything in. What they see is what they beleive is. Take children seeing a parent being abused. They grow up thinking that is the norm. :eek:
    Thank God, He can take our messes and clean them up! No matter how much we have goofed up in the past, He can still make something good of it. :p
    Hey, Whirlwind! I dont have a stapler or paper clips, but I now have a USB cord and an MP3 player! Which is giving me fits right now. Love those things when they are set up, but they are a PAIN to get it done!;)
    I got hand lotion and a grandma bragbook. How about you?:D
  7. lotion or grandma brag-book here.:D

    What else I got in here...hmmm...a collapsable tripod for my camera. Nasal spray, he he he. One of those little bulbs that you squeeze and it takes dust off camera lenses (never used it yet - yikes). Eye drops. A pocket knife. A $10-0ff Safeway coupon (LOL - expired!). I need to clean this thing out.

    Yeah, children are like sponges! Can you imagine what Stephen King must have gone through to get an imagination like his?

    But like the previous posts, I think his well has dried up now. He's repeating stories the way my mom will call my cell and tell me a long, drawn-out story that she already told me three hours before, he he he. I listen to her, though. She just wants some time and attention, and I gladly give it to her.:)

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