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  1. DEVIL!!! I will not shut up.

    The devil has attacked me from every side. Now, he has deceived my son and he followed in the ways of his father, the devil. He is now facing life in prison or lethal injection. This is not easy for a mother to swallow; esp. when he is her only begotten. I told him of a vision I had 2 yrs ago. He would not yield, nor would he listen. He scoffed at me and treated me like the enemy. Well, I suppose I was the enemy to the spirit possessing him. Now, he cries "I wish I would have listened to you mom".

    My faith is being tried and my worst fear has come to pass; my son has been taken from me. I could not save him. God sent him a Savior, but he would not yield to the call of the Lord and now finds his life, his freedom, and all the things he wanted to do is gone. He wakes up to bars everyday and may very well do so for the rest of his life.

    Much grief I have in my heart. Depression tried to consume me. Just now a nephew calls me a fake. Really? you think your words harm me? Your words only harm you. Of course your gay lifestyle and doing the things that are unnatural is an abomination to God. However, you can be forgiven and saved but you must repent and turn from your sins. The choice is yours. If you do not, you will suffer the wrath and vengeance of God. We are a corrupt and disobedient people and final judgment is coming. REPENT, crying out Abba Father, and be saved.

    May the Lord God be exalted now and forever. I will praise the name of my Lord. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for HE is with me...
    Those who say they are with me; are not. Those who say they love me; do not. How can anyone love, when they have never known true love. Your love is carnal and temporary; it fades as fast as melting snow. God's love is consistent and unfailing. HE picked me up and carried me; not you, nor myself; for I had not the strength to crawl, little own walk.

    I thank you Lord for loving me and comforting me. This world rips and tears at my broken heart and spits in my face. Lord, they do not harm me. I pray for mercy upon their wretched souls.

    He, who is a soldier and warreths for God, doesn't get entangled with this life's affairs.

    The only way to walk in the fullness of God is to FORSAKE ALL and follow HIM. He will bless us with what little bit we are willing to give Him; but some of us are chosen to give our life to Him and forsake ALL.

    Just as Jesus walked; so are we to walk. He went to them, told them what the Father had sent Him with and got away from them. Jesus didn't tarry and partake with their ways or worldly talk. He went back into the wilderness with the Father. He separated Himself from the world; and ask us to do the same. To not be converted to it, but separate from it.

    Who is doing it? not one!!! Will there be any faith found when He comes? Can faith alone save us? Faith without works is dead. If we will have faith enough to speak; God will do all the works.

    Lord have mercy upon us ALL.

    All praise, glory and honor be to God. Amen
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  2. I am so very sorry for you son's decision. I pray he does repent and is reconciled to God and then helps others to do the same. God bless you sister!
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  3. God bless you my brother; God has sent someone in that my son did receive, he is excited and can not wait for this preacher to come back. I praise God for answering my prayers. The Lord's will be done. Amen. My son's journey is far from over; God, indeed has a use for him and he is growing in Spirit and in Truth. All praise, glory and honor be unto God.
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  4. Glory to God!!! :)
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  5. Glory to God! For I have heard testimonies of men and women who have turned their life completely over to God and walked upright in all of His Ways and God has supernaturally released them from prison...and they are out preaching the gospel, winning souls and healing the sick and such. Doing everything that God had planned for them since the foundation of the world. One man was on deaths bed. With severe cancer and a massive open wound that only the power of the living God could heal. Well a bunch of inmates that were being taught to walk in the anointing, went and prayed for him and not only did he accept Jesus as Lord and was healed of everything that ailed him...he began to preach and walk in All of God's ways and God got him released from prison where he is/was preaching on the outside.
    Will be praying in agreement with you and joining our faith to yours for God's manifested glory to hit your son and he will be doing what God has called him to do! In Jesus mighty name! AMEN

    It is the year of the great breaking loose and the year for whatever your faith and heart can believe for that God's Word promises and backs...will be done. Supernatural things in all of our lives are on the wings of the eagle that has been released. Glory to God! Amen!
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