Stand To Lose More Than We Gain?

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  1. I know in the Bible it states that if one doesn't provide for his family they are worse than an infidel. So I am curious about my situation.

    I do not work, at least not work where I am paid. I stay home to care for my wife who has MS. I also care for our 17 month old daughter. I am not paid for being a caregiver. So we live off of food stamps, my daughter is on medicaid, I have county insurance that is very basic, and my wife has Medicare and Medicaid share of cost. My wife also receives SSDI and my daughter receives a dependent disability check because of my wife's SSDI. We live in low income housing in a reduced rate apartment because of our low income.

    Now, my wife tells me every so often that I need to go to work. Others outside of the family have said the same thing. What they don't realize and I think after I showed my wife on paper, she finally understands, is that we stand to lose more than we gain.

    We would lose our apartment and would have to pay full price for another apartment, I would lose the county insurance and my daughter would lose Medicaid. That means that I would have to get something through the registry, and when I had looked into it, just for me it was over $250 a month and over a $4000 deductible. I would hate to see what would happen if I added our daughter. I would not qualify for help because our income wouldn't be high enough. My wife would lose share of cost Medicaid which would make her lose her Medicare advantage planwhich means we are required to pay the 20% that Medicare doesn't and with her MS, that's an awful lot of money out-of-pocket. We would also lose food stamps.

    The only job I can find would be minimum wage and that is not enough to cover all that I stated above.

    So as the title states, we stand to lose more than we gain.

    As a Christian, what am I supposed to do?
  2. Have you asked God what He thinks?
  3. I have and I haven't received an answer, and this is a question that I have been asking God for several years now.

    So I am coming to a Christian forum and asking to see what other Christians might advise.
  4. Sadly, the situation you are in is hard to get out of. You would probably have to make a minimum of $40k per year at your new found job just to cover the benefits you would lose.
  5. It could be that His non-answer is an answer unto itself. This could mean to just keep doing what you're doing and when God wants to move His Spirit within you and set you along a different path, He will.
  6. Look at it this way, every penny they (the Gov) spend on you and your family is one penny not spent on killing brown people on the other side of the planet.
  7. Morbid, but accurate statement I guess :unsure:
  8. Since killing foreigners has been our governments favorite illegal passtime for 40 years now.
  9. Job 36:11 If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.

    Since all scripture is true, then there is a disconnect somewhere. There are more scriptures that say if a man don't work, He should not eat or a man not take care of his family he is worse than an infidel.
    There are also scripture on how to get out of poverty, and believe God as your source. If your doing everything in your understanding, then walking in the light you have is all that is required.

    Finding out what God thinks and getting wisdom, not leaning to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledging him is the way out.

    Ask God, tell him the first thing He puts on your heart to do, you will do. It's not hard to follow direction from the Lord. We just have to be willing to.
  10. Which is what I try to tell those who tell me to get a job. Some people are so set on that I am physically capable of working that my it doesn't matter why I am currently not working. All they see is a family living off of the government.

    It took a long time, but I finally got my step-dad to understand. He constantly said I need to get a job, until I broke it down for him. It still says I should be working, but also now says he understands that I cannot.
  11. Killing folks and selling the body parts might bring in a bit of money. A big black market for organs out there. I think though we need to find a solution that is more agreeable with scripture.
  12. This is what I am hoping for. That no answer means that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. As in I am doing His will as I am caring for my wife and daughter and loving them above all else, save for Him. We have never been without, even though I haven't been working. We have always been provided for.
  13. Well, then if there is more to do, then you will know. Asking God on how to get ahead is also good. Just asking is good enough as God is more than able to get across to us any direction we need, and no directions means stay put for a bit.
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  14. I am starting to see that I am doing what it is He wants me to do.

    Even though I am not working, we have never been without, all our bills our paid, we have medical coverage and food on the table. Sometimes more food than we need, so we share with a neighbor or two. We have a neighbor who is a single mother of three and we have given her food to help out.
  15. God knows the predicament you are in and understands. It's like being trapped and seeing no way out-and that's where God comes in. I'd continue trusting in Him to see the way through. It's times like this when we feel only a miracle will do. God has promised us in His Word He will provide and take care of us. Keep praying for guidance and for Him to reveal what you should do.
  16. I'm not looking to get ahead. I am content with what I have. My wife wanted me to go to work so that we would have extra money to go on vacations and to eat out. She also wanted more of a cushion to fall back on, but if God has been providing all along, if we needed a cushion,.I believe He would provide it.
  17. Is it wrong that I am content with what we have?
  18. Paul said (I am paraphrasing here) "that he had learned to be content with whatever situation he found himself in".

    Contentment is a wonderful thing. Too many folks are "driven to succeed", and never notice when or if they have succeeded.
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  19. Sadly, most government assistance programs are designed to keep you on them continually without a means of getting back off of them. People HAVE managed to, but you will have to do some research and see how they managed it. I've fought pretty hard to keep off of them myself, but I have to admit, it hasn't been easy.
  20. Pray about it. Then do whatever is in your families best interest.

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