Spritual verses carnal

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  1. Spritual verses carnal

    According to Pauls teachings from Gods word he clearly states that there are spiritual believers and that there are carnal believers only those that are led by the Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God He loves all His people Paul in galatians said let those who are spiritual restore those who are trapped in sin.THere are proper ways to restore any who have strayed and it is not Gods will that any should perish any He is long suffering toward us all this does not give us a reason to keep living in sin.How can any person sit in judgement of another unless they have witnessed for themselves everything that happened in another persons life.You dont know me i dont know you i dont sit in judgement of you any of you.There is oly one judge and lawgiver and HE is standing at the door.Jeus Himself said He didnt come into the world to judge the world. He came to save what God has joined together let not man seperate.Be carefull how you judge none of us i repeat none of us sees the whole picture we know in part we prophecy in part only God sees all tghings as they realy are.Temptation is not sin and not all temptation is from our fallen nature.There are three spurces of temptation the world the devil and the flesh.That is why God admonishes GHis people to approacgh the rthrone of grace boldly because we have a faithfull and mercifull High Priest Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Hole blameless Son of God He can be mercifull with us because He to was tempted in all points as we are yet without sin because He overcam the devil the world and the flesh He promised That every believer can rest assured that they will to because Faithfull is He who promised if left to ourselves we would all be doomed but thanks be unto God for his indiscribable gift His Son Jesus He died for our sins and Rose again for our Justification how dare any person question Gods faithfullness and bring a charge against one of His dearly beloved children that He purchased back with the Precious Blood of His own dear Son.Jesus truly is LOrd and i do love Him so.
  2. Amen nobody knows our heart but God and in his love we have love and in His Heart we have the same heart, and in his Spirit we have but one Spirit.
    For we are all equal and no one is above his Brother.

    Wounded you have the Gift of Knowledge, and I thank you for sharing the word of God.

    God Bless you Brother
  3. Thanks univac God bless you brother i just want to encourage believers and sometimes i may say things that might be missunderstood please understand im just trying to help others so that they wont have to go through some of the great difficulties i have faced i would spare them that great sorrow i care about Gods peopel so much. I love you all and my hearts desire is to see every one built up in the most Holy Faith in Jesus name.I commend you all to God the Father in Jesus name and to the word of His grace that is able to build you up.For the glory of His Holy majestica name amen.

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