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  1. Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the winter has finally let up :D Time to start werkin the soil and gettin it ready for a new crop of [​IMG]

    Im startin a different kind of chilis' this year. Ghost chilis' take way too long to mature. I'm starting a similar strain called "devils' tounge"[​IMG]

    It matures at late season instead of very late season. It has the same scolville units as GP but a different flavor and faster maturity. Im gettin all my stuff from here at chili plants.com
    ChilePlants.com Home Page

  2. Oh oh… :eek:

    Devils' tongue. I’ll stay away from that one. :eek:
  3. Spring you say .... Hmmm . It was only 2 C today . But the sun was nice and warm and I racked the leaves in hopes that my little plants peep through . I do have some tulips and daffodils and hyacinths coming up .

    Yay Spring .... oh and I saw a robin today . So that's a good sign .

    But chillis ... hmmm don't think that's for me .
  4. We got lots of robbins everywhere!! I love em. They start squeakin at 5am round here. My roses are jammin hard!! cant cut em yet till3 more weeks. Cisco said so..........TV show for the NW "Gardening with Cisco"
    Gardening with Ciscoe
  5. Hmmm.............. So your spring is well on it's way compared to ours. Can't wait to see my roses .They haven't even go any leaves on them yet just green stalks. I remember the ones you posted last year . They were beautiful , Chili .
  6. I live in an apartment in the city, but I do love flowers just the same.
    We have flower shops downtown Atlanta so I get mine there.

  7. yup 3 more weeks n I will cut them down to 8" n they will grow vigorously in the short season we got here....til,,,November. Well roses are pretty tuff to boot. Ya cant kill a rose but ya can make em produce abundantly. They are allready budding mmmmmmmmm makes my blood sizzle!!:D
  8. [​IMG]
    chili can ya send some of those my way:) I;ll give ya some sweet corn and tater's for the trade!

  9. New2...

    How are you growing your taters?

    I know a great trick if you're interested! :)
  10. hey now howdy ride4the son!

    grow the good ol fashion way, lots of good dirt and fertilizer, water and of corse the LORD!

    but, any tips is surly welcome, might help me a great bunch!
  11. Well, first , you got the basics right.
    We can disk, plow, plant, water, and watch till the cows come home, but the Lord makes it grow!

    Amen to that.

    But in addition, I have found a little time saver, that works pretty well too.

    Lay a tire on the ground. Pland your taters in there, fill it with rich soil, water, etc.

    Stack another tire on top. Do the same thing.
    Then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth.

    Keep it moist.

    Come harvest time, push the tires over and pick up your taters!!
    No digging, no gouging up the potatos with the spade, they just lift right out! :cool:

    (That's an old Kansan trick!) :D
    I think it'll work in Kentucky too!
  12. Get some tires like this… then you’ll have enough for everyone here. :D

  13. HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    kay my face is hurting fro, all the pics we have 2nite! why, that anuf tater's to feed all of harlan with!!!!! hmmm, get a bottle of ketchup that big and we'll have a good ol' time!

    thank ya so much for that tip Ride2theSon(gotta learn ya name!) that really does sound like it would save a lot of time and energy hoein out all them tater's !!! I am gonna try to do that this year and see how it turns out! thanks for that!!
  14. Spring is well under way here with temps in the low to mid 70's every day. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the flowers blooming.:D

  15. Hmmmm ..... Some people just love to brag .......:p:p:p

  16. Yea… but it sounds like he’s bragging about what God is doing. :)

    It’s ok to brag about God.
    I actually think he kind of likes it. :D


  17. Ok ya got me Dean .... But you know what I meant .... He's bragging cause his spring has already sprung and mine hasn't yet . :(

    Yah I like bragging about God too :D
  18. Hey Dean,
    How come you aren't out on your motor cycle today ?:)
  19. Yes I can N2C! I exchange with another person on here that grows horseradish. I love horseradish and he loves chilis'. Pm me with info n I'll hook ya up my friend God Bless you. Hope ya like it hot!:p
    Chili out.

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