Spiritual Nourishment

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Littleone, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Spiritual Nourishment

    I just realized something, literally this moment. I am trying to rebuild my relationship with Christ. Just last night, I cried and prayed for God to renew me and take away all the sinfulness, I really cried and it felt refreshing. But, when I woke up this morning within a few hours, I realized i was drifting already a little back into some bad habits, namely, sinful thoughts. At first I was upset because when I prayed, I prayed in all sincerity and I mean everyword, so I was confused as to why already I'm falling backwards. Then, I just realized, I think that just like you need food for physical nourishment, its important to get your daily spiritual nourishment. So important, especially for someone like me who is trying to climb out of a ditch and build up a stronger relationship with Christ. I need alot of spiritual nourishment for growth. Meaning, praying, reading my bible and listening to Christian music all will help me grow, I NEED to do this and I need to be disciplined about this. I just wondered does anyone else identify with this idea of spiritual nourishment?
  2. This is exactly what you need and when we make the time to know God better through reading and studying His Word them we will find that relationship we hungry for will become alive active. Prayer is a good way to spend time with our Father to strengthen and communicate our love we have for Him and for others.
    We must always praise and sing songs to our Lord. For when we do this he will pour out his blessings upon us. I pray that you will have such a wonderful and loving relationship with your Lord and Saviour ....love Jane
  3. I also am trying to become closer to the Lord, for I have only been saved for about 3 months now. In this short time though, I have noticed a VERY strong urge to learn all that I can about Him. I read the bible all the time, listen to Christian music everyday, visit this forum daily, look at multiple videos that deal with Christ and His teachings. He has implemented a strong urge in me to grow closer to Him. I have already found out that if you turn your problems and your life fully over to the Lord that He will help guide you in your life. It really is amazing.
  4. amen starplayer that's the way to go, i really NEED to get my daily spiritual nurishment or my day/week is all out of whack, i just realized this. I skipped a day praying and I literally sat around and accomplished nothing the next day, excpet feeling anxious and bitter (for various reasons) i was about to go to bed and i remember thinking, I had the worst day today and then in that same second like lightning i recalled "i also didn't pray today hmm..." and i realized my day was out of whack because I didn't take the time to worship with the Lord. I hope you can grow spiritually and i know if you continue down the right path you will. amen.
  5. :smiley90: I am so glad you realize your life source spiritually :smiley90:
    yes we need Jesus everyday ,when we choose to accept that free gift we begin to grow and need lots of nourishment daily . God does not loose patience with us when we have lost it with ourselves :smiley50: there is only one thing that conquers the sin nature within us , have you become nourished in reading and getting that from the word yet ? It is essential to growth spiritually . There is much man fails to grasp in this area and this brings sorrow and lamenting over past failure , but Jesus never intended for us to become defeated Christians , so if you can study the book of Romans to gain essential nourishment necessary about the sin nature and how to life a victorious Christian life it would be good . :smiley40: I failed miserably to grasp this in my beginning walk and I did exact what your doing , I spent a lot of time trying to do what I could not and become exasperated and :smiley50: :smiley140: .

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