spirit wars.

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  1. spirit wars.

    i,d love to be a mod and see the topics change daily and for what reason and fo who,good and bad.:)
  2. i guess in years to come,all will know exactly who was attacking who,and who was in control,bigger picture included.:eek:
  3. What are you getting at , Mike ?
  4. if you take a reclining chair you will notice the events.:)
  5. my only boast is in Yeshua of nazareth Mitghy to Save Blessed Redeemer Glory Praise be to Your Holy Name.
  6. May God truly bless all amnd may every eye see the Awesome and Glorious Risen Lord and Saviour Yeshua of nazareth He Reigns Glory be ton His Holy Name Glory to God.
  7. the mods can see a good post attacked by evil etc,or ignored.or others posting lots to submerge good post.there are lots you can learnspiritually by spiritual motives from up high.:eek:
  8. Thats right mate :)

    I don't understand why we have so many different denominations?
    We, as Christians accept that the Bible is the living word of God, (or most of us do) and yet there is so much division???

    For me, you either believe in the Bible and accept Gods word as it is and live by it, or you don't accept it and make your own "brand" of Christianity.
  9. I find a good way to rise above different opinions on the Bible is to remember what Jesus said about the Bible of his day which was the OT, the Law and The Prophets, he said that all the Law and The Prophets hang upon these two commandemnts, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind." (Matthew 22:37. and "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self."(Matthew 22:37 b). If we are obedient to these two commandments we will be in obedience to all God's law.
    I think one will not err badly as long as we do our best under guidance of the Holy Spirit to abide by those laws Jesus highlighted.
    Though we now see as through a glass darkly, we have enough Light to walk by if we accept it and that is all the Light we need until we enter the Light of Heaven. and will know even as we are known.
  10. Most denominations have a slice of the pie but must remember that there is much more to the whole pizza then they may be partaking of.

    Jesus said we would be recognized as His disciples by our love for one another.
  11. This is true Boanerges..(what does the name mean?) Also I believe that different denominations have each only a piece is that people are at varying stages of growth. I can easily believe for your healing. I have a much more difficult time believing for my own so I may not see it. I believe in total prosperity for all believers who walk in covenant with God but I don't see it because I have such a difficult time believing that God actually means it for me too. You may be strong in that area, so you do see it.
    You may have a problem believing that miracles are for today while someone else believes they are for today. That miracles did not die out with the twelve.
    Denomination arise from this I think. Mostly. People of like mind band together. What makes it wrong is the judgment that rises from it. I believe that miracles are for today so you must be wrong and bad? if you think otherwise.

    Me? Honestly I believe that all the Word is for now. All of it. I believe that we are in a blood covenant with God and He will honor all of it if we will only trust Him to keep His Word. Again me? I have a very difficult time with trust and father figures.

    So what happens. I do not live in the fullness of LOVE. That's what denominationalism does.

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