Special Message for November 14 to 22, 2015

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  1. Good Day, Friends; Our Savior warned us all about false teachers and how they will deceive. What does this really mean? From the Greek language manuscripts, this means that there will be false teachers who will not teach as God wanted us to be taught. We can see this in the teachings of radical Islam and how the 'false teachers' call upon their followers to kill infidels. We have seen these terrorist attacks increasing in frequency and the acts in Paris on November 13 are the most recent examples. To counter these radicals, free world governments must be strong and unified in their actions to protect their citizens from these terrorists. If governments pander to their political base for political correctness reasons rather than addressing the international terrorist problem directly and with force, these attacks will continue and more and more free world persons will die. Contact your government representatives, regardless of their political mindset, and demand that they initiate policies that will guaranty the safety of all persons. In the mean time, be observant, be cautious, be aware of what is going on around you at all times and be safe. May God bless and watch over us all.
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  2. Praying ps 91 and a hedge of protection around all of the body of Christ. In Jesus Name
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  3. Ben Franklin once said, "If you surrender freedom for security, you deserve neither." The western governments are surrendering freedom for pseudo security while ignoring the real issue.
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  4. Amen ! And setting the stage for the Antichrist. It gets people in the mindset of settling for pseudo peace
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  5. Amen and I beleive General Pattan had a grip in this too

    When ever we are losing Battles
    We are Doing More Fighting
    Then Praying
    General Pattan
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  6. God gave me a few verses today....its time for us believers to be praying in line with God's Word to remove this evil from our midst, and stop it from coming here.

    Ps 37:38-40
    But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off. But the salvation of the righteous is of Yehôvâh: He is their strength in the time of trouble. And Yehôvâh shall deliver them from the wicked and save them, because they trust in Him.
    God bless
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