Something I Noticed..

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by EndTimeZSouljah, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Something I Noticed..

    The Bible says "The wages of sin is death". Now I know this pertains to everlasting life, because if you accept Christ and God into your life then you have everlasting life just as Jesus told us. But if you think about it, this could also mean something else as well. Think about this...

    Cigarettes- Damage your lungs, skin, teeth, throat, etc.

    Alcohol- Damages your stomach, liver, colon, etc.

    Other drugs- Do the same thing, they all can kill you.

    So what Im trying to say is, perhaps this is how God punishes you on Earth for doing these things. Your body is the temple of God and Christ. If you put inpurities into it, it hurts your Holy Ghost.

    Opinions and thoughts?
  2. Sin most definitely will lead you to death, physically and spiritually!
    Good point, ETS
  3. Hello Violet:

    Yes sin does lead us to death physically... but mankind ALREADY has the death (physical) penalty over his head.
    The things that endtimezsouljah mentioned certainly do harm the body, but NOT the Holy Spirit.

    Also, those things mentioned smoking etc is NOT a salvation issue. I'm NOT for any of the things mentioned, but I wouldn't condemn anyone to hell for smoking or drinking (as long as they didn't get drunk.) Drugs are another thing that I wouldn't want anyone to touch unless a medical doctor prescribed them. (I don't take any medications, especially from a MD)

    Many years ago,(early 1970's) a minister friend went to Russia. On the way, he stayed at another minister's home in Sweden. At the dinner table while the minister was pouring my friend a glass of wine, he asked the question, "is it really true that Christians in America drink coffee?"

    When I was in Africa many families drank wine at their dinner table. This included younger members of the family. They would drink a glass of wine and eat their meal.
    Later, I was in Germany, and I noticed families drank beer with their meals.

    Your servant in Messiah, Jesus
    Semper Fi,
  4. :) Hi CDJ,

    I agree with you but though the spirit is willing the flesh is weak and without using proper judgement and moderation, the above mentioned can lead some to destruction.
    Some people are more susceptible to addiction too.
  5. What about things like overeating or eating things high in cholesterol? That's not exactly taking care of your body either. Do you think God punishes those that eat poorly?
  6. I think we punish ourselves.
  7. Sooo true!
  8. I beleive I've stated my opinion on this once before, but just to refresh. Sin is disobedience to God. Such disobedience in His eyes is the same. I don't believe he has "levels" of sin, since the price for the sin on our eternal soul is the same. Sin = hell. Whatever the sins, there is only one final consequence. So to me that implies that in His eyes, all sins are the same.

    However, the repercussions here on Earth can be VASTLY different. Not only our punishments, but the way our sins affect others. Lying may not get you much more punishment here on Earth, but killing and stealing will be far, far greater. But all three will earn you the same punishment in hell. Separation from God for all eternity.
  9. My three cents...

    According to the Bible, sin = DEATH.... ... the "wages of sin is death." (Rom 6:23)
    Whatever that death is, it's the OPPOSITE from LIFE (Dzoe in Greek, God life).
    Death is not a good thing, so choose LIFE.

    Your servant in Messiah, Jesus
    Semper Fi,
  10. I'm not going to disagree with your opinion. I'm just more careful about it since I've seen the way that some extremists (such as the WBC cult) have been able to twist this into some very bad politics. So I tread very carefully there.

    That being said, if God is our Father, and the Bible is usually very complete in these types of analogies, then it would make sense that he would chastise His children for misbahaving while here on earth.

    Though, on that same note, I've often wondered why brussel sprouts aren't so delicious that our bady craves them constandly, and sugar, candy, and fattening foods should taste like dirt....

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