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  1. Can we humble it down?

    What do we as believers agree on?

    Perhaps we over complicate matters and can come to some simpler understanding.

    Why does it have to be so complicated?

    I'll start; I believe we all can agree that God, The Almighty, is about love.

    Perhaps you can/could post a statement, heartfelt, and thought out, of which we can/could all agree upon?
  2. God demands perfection, so He sent His Son to do it for us, paving the way for us to live without being slaves to sin through faith and grace.
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  3. Unfortunately - wherever you have Zeal - you will have disagreement.....

    The fact that we are Bondslaves of Jesus - where we are each on "Special assignment" from God... That our calling is to be Obedient to God in whatever we are supposed to be obedient to.... That means that one may be sent to Convict someone - while another is sent to Comfort the same one... All for God's Glory...

    The fact that Our minds have very limited understanding of the Revealed knowledge (Scripture) - much less God's actual fullness of wisdom... For example - how can BOTH Predestination and Free will be true at the same time and equally supported by scripture.... To God - there is no contradiction... But... Our minds don't get it...

    The thing is.... It's important to ENCOURAGE zeal... Not to stamp it down....

    That zeal must be Developed and Focused into fruitful ministry.... That takes time, effort, and resources... BUT... It also takes people who know HOW to develop and focus.... most churches have no real program or method to formally develop this....

    Unfortunately, what we see is that instead of focusing and developing our zeal - we are either letting it run amok or stamping it down..
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