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  1. Hello, fellow Forum members! This Georgia girl is finding herself unable to stay asleep tonight (it's currently 2:45 ET, and I'm wide awake!), so I thought I would use this time to get familiar with this site. I'm a new member, so I'm trying to learn the ropes:). I'm eager to join in on some good discussions about faith and current happenings around the world. I've been saved since 1992 at the age of 34, and I love The Lord with all my heart! I am very troubled by the darkness that I see creeping into all facets of life around the world, and I'm interested in hearing other believer's opinions on what they see as well. I pray for discernment when hearing the news because I believe we are not being told the truth a lot of times. Anyway, please extend a little grace to this rookie, if I make mistakes on the forum, or don't know what I'm doing! I'm a Facebook expert, but forums are new to me, so be patient with me as I learn:)
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  2. Hi , Im also from Georgia ^.^ and in 92' I was a year old XD lol

    but concerning the news I just feel.. we are creeping up into revelations w/ IS beaheading peeps..however theyve seemed to calm down, then ebola making the scene, ANOTHER plane disappearing out of the blue... they still haven't found out what happened to flight 370...

    and I also feel the media is trying to pitt people against one another w/ their focus/emphasis on race (ferguson and what not)

    but this is all my opinion...

    but welcome to CFS, I hope you have a good experience here ^^
  3. OH, I have a question op ^^ seeing as you were saved in 92'...

    how'd you keep the fire burning? like how did you manage to stay in love w/ Lord for so long? :)
  4. Welcome Susan! I like your profile name.. That is exactly what Jesus called us to be :) Light to the world.. A good reminder for me early morning :D
  5. Hi Susan , Knoxville GA here. Welcome to CFS sister :). I also got saved in 92 LOL and been rolling ever since. You will like it here :cool:
    We laugh, we sing, we cry, we pray, we praise, we learn together as a body of Christ. Again WELCOME fellow southerner hehehehehe
  6. Hmmm....
    That's a very loaded question! Lots of ways, really. Firstly, and probably mostly, I lost my husband to cancer in 2001, and I learned very quickly that I was totally dependent on the Lord's strength to see me through that! Secondly, God has always placed people in my path that kept me pressing into Him and wanting to learn more. And of course, the more I learn, the more I love Him!
    I should also confess that between 1992 and 2001, when I became widowed, I wasn't putting Jesus first in my life. I let my career be first and there were consequences:(. And I think those consequences allowed the relationship with Him even sweeter once I did decide to put Him first!
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  7. Where in the world is Knoxville, Georgia? That's a new one to this Georgia girl!
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  8. AAAAAAhahahahaha cool. It is 20 miles west of Macon. Right next to Roberta GA
  9. Oh, wow! You're very close to me! I'm in Thomaston!

  10. Welcome Susan. You looking for deep discussions in scripture, this is the right place.

    I would be what you call part of that "Faith" bunch. I believe God is good, and wants us Well, and rich to help others. I don't like hearing the sound of my own drum though, so I come here to listen to others.

    Some things get real deep here, but there is lots to learn.

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  11. Thank you! It actually has two meanings for me. I'm a lighting designer and own a lighting showroom, so I bring light to the world in more than one way! I've been amused by God's sense of humor at giving me a love of lighting:)
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  12. Welcome Susan, I pray God blesses your time here.
  13. Hello and Welcome


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