Sinning, over and over again

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  1. Is there forgiveness for someone who does the same sin over and over again, but repents sincerely every time?
  2. Yes!
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  3. Juk, God's love is eternal. The life you have been given in Jesus Christ is eternal. The debt he paid on the cross was eternal. You have been forgiven already.
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  4. Jesus bled and died for you to overcome. When you repented of your sins--all your sins were forgiven. Now it is for you to walk in that forgiveness and obey the word of God by rejecting temptation, asking God to fulfill His promise to you to send a distraction to keep you from sinning, and to wait for it, as a good son. If you have a problem with a repetitive sin, then you may have a spiritual stronghold and so you will need a strong and wise male believer to hold you accountable until you have overcome.
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  5. My brother Juk, as Euphemia said, a repeating sin is a stronghold. It is the result of believing and holding onto a lie. It is being taken captive by deception...usually securing its power through feelings.

    I speak from experience Juk, I was addicted(held captive) to this one sin for a very long time. Until God graciously set me free by showing me the deception and how to be free of it. It is imperative to submit yourself to Him and take every thought and feeling captive, so that you remain free.
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  6. The only problem is that I know all of the risks, and the damage that it is going to do to me in the future. And I don't even like what I am doing. I get nothing out of it, yet I still do it.
  7. My brother, I know exactly how you feel! I was in that same state, and even worse because I hated what I was doing, yet my natural man enjoyed it at the time!

    You see, there is a reason why you still keep doing it. Like I said, it is likely because you are believing and holding onto deception and feelings are being used to secure it's position.
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  8. Each of us need to learn that there are some things we are powerless to overcome.

    It is then that we need to lean on our Lord's loving kindness.

    Trust in the Lord and do not let the enemy drive a wedge between you and Him.

    The Lord is faithful, even when our faith fails.
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  9. The bible says to "submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you."

    Notice how it says you must submit first, then comes your must resist the devil. Only in this way will he flee from you.

    We were never meant to overcome our flesh and the devil with our own strength. It is through the power of God working in us as we do our part.
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  10. This scripture comes to mind:
    Galatians 3:3 KJV
    Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?
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  12. Brother Juk, repenting over sin that you know you are guilty of is very good. It is when you sin and do not feel guilty of, is when you are in deep trouble. Always confess your sins at the time you do it. I am not saying to keep doing what you doing. Being so young and having all your testosterone flowing and needing release is not easy until you have grown stronger in the Lord and in the power of his might. Do not ever give up no matter what. Seek the Lord at all times, and keep receiving the en grafted Word which is able to save your soul.
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  13. What you are experiencing is called "the lust of the flesh". All Christians suffer from this. It takes time to over come which is why "were sin abounds, grace does much more abound". Learning to allow the Spirit of God to have his way, by having your mind renewed to the Word of God is the "goal" to overcoming your problems. I know you have had this problem for a long time, and it bothers you because of it. You would be surprised how many are struggling with the same sin. Do not feel alone as you are not the only one trying to overcome the same thing. Just know you can by the power of God be victorious, as you grow in the Lord.
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  14. That is a product of God's love working through the Holy Spirit, stop making everything about us.
  15. Brother you need to chill out here and explain what is it that you want to say.
    Why is it about us when said that we still need to ask ?
  16. It is NOT sincere repentance, don't fool yourself.
    God knows we are idiots, and loves us anyway. But don't think for a minute that you can continually repeat the same sin and there is anything sincere about your behavior.
    Christ said "If you love me, obey my commandments." Which is it that you love more? The sin or Him?
    I hate to be harsh, but I am only too familiar with this issue. Whatever that it is that is causing you to sin needs to be dealt with.
    Get a grip, and when the urge to sin comes upon you DO SOMETHING ELSE.
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  17. You do not understand how God works in our lives and how we are under Grace. Even when God is dealing with things and we are learning to let them go we are under His grace.
    People can and do fall into the same sin over and over and can be totaly sincere about repenting. Yes God knows us and how we are and He has given us GRACE. Most people to not over come a sin in their life instantly BUT they do over come it.
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  18. Yes, it is an issue about love to be sure, but it is not to be done in the way you describe it. I know this from experience. Try telling an addict to "just get a grip", we don't get free from trying harder. If this was the case then Christ's power is irrelevant.
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  19. he simply has no clue
  20. Amen! Repentance means changing the way you think about the sin and to turn away from the sin and turn back to God. This can be done over and over again and be sincere.
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