Show us your home!

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Show us your home!


    A wall in our bedroom and yes, of course, the walls are VIOLET!
  2. I am not sure of this, but I think violet used to a royal color a long time back. Violet robes were worn by kings and very rich people. :)
  3. You are correct, and they also draped a purple robe around Jesus as He was being led to His crucifixtion to show that He was the King of Isreal.
  4. By the way violet lovely wall! :)
  5. Thank you, Believer~

    HaHa, Jeff~
    I love purple and always have.
    Actually, quoted fom a song......

    "....I'm a child of the king~
    His royal blood now flows through my veins
    and I who was wretched and blind
    now can see
    Praise God, Praise God, I'm a child of the king!"
  6. My Husband's media room,
    Yep, PURPLE!:rolleyes:

    Shot at 2007-07-09​

    Shot at 2007-07-09​

    Shot at 2007-07-09​

    Shot with <KENOX S630 / Samsung S630> at 2007-07-09​
  7. [​IMG]

    One shot of my Living Room~
  8. Now I know why they named you Violet!
  9. I'm still waiting on your pics, when you find that box with your camera in it!!!!
  10. Awwww.... the little kitty on the couch fits perfectly into that living room. :) It reminds me of those staged photos that people take for decorator magazine where they strategically place a dog or cat in the picture. You have a nice home, Violet.

    I haven't taken any pics of my new place. We only moved to this apartment less than a year ago.
  11. Do you enjoy decorating, BookWorm?
  12. Shot at 2007-07-09
    Shot with
    One shot
    There sure is a lot of shooting at Violets house-:DLOL!;)
  13. Ha Ha, Bro. Larry~ Just alot of violet!

    Wow, I thought I wrote that when I saw the purple text! LOL!
  14. Yes, I do. It has a very comfortable feel. Purple/ lavender to me is always a very soothing and tranquil color. I was admiring the paint on the media room.... was that done with a ragging technique? I always like when rooms are painted with rich colors like you have in your living room. I tried to convince my mom to paint her living room a deep burgundy, but she refused because she didn't want to freak my dad out. :p I bet I would enjoy your rooms more if I were in them, because I am a very tactile person. :eek: I want to feel your couch, and touch your purple lamp, and all your curtains. :eek: I am one of those people who walks through stores with my hands out touching everything-- even furniture stores. I have to feel the wood, and feel the fabrics, and feel the metals. (Okay, now I am embarrassing myself.) :p I like smell also. Leather, old books, potpourri, etc.
  15. Yes, we ragged the walls with 2 colors of purple. The first coat we put on with really big paint strokes and next used rags.
    I always stuck to pastel colors but the deeper colors really warm up a room!
    I am like that too~I love to feel fabrics and such.....and I love antiques~


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