Should you vote on political elections?

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  1. My understanding is that a Christian shouldn't concern himself with politics. The political parties change, the politicians that you can say are very Christian may lack compassion towards poor and others. Some might be compassionate, but non Christian, etc.

    So, should one vote?

  2. Yes sir it is our responsibility to vote. In Isaiah 9:6 it says the government shall be upon the shoulder of God's Son. Well Jesus being the head and we are the body, then the responsibility of the government is up to us. It is up to us to vote for whom God desires us to vote for, all we have to do is ask Him and listen to His prompting.

    God bless
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  3. Peki Hi,
    Yes it is our duty to vote and pray for our government. Remember what is impossible with man is possible with God. Prayer changes things.
    God bless
    James w
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  4. Winston Churchill once said that "Democracy is the worst form of government that there is but every other form has been tried"
    I will add to that very challenging thought this.
    Democracy has a fatal flaw in it and a hidden snare to the unwary and it is this.
    That if you cna get a majority by any means fair or foul and in the UK it is becoming increasingly foul.Get a good grip on the legislative process and keep it .You can delude yourself with the idea that the truth is now what you say it is or make it and can force/rush bills through Parliament or Congress for that matter that has not bene tried .tested or proved to have any merit let alone true simply because you have a majority .
    The Palace of Westminster in general and the Government in particular has in recent months made equal in law what is not equal in fact and has therefore to all intents and purposes made a lie equal to the truth in law.

    This is the consequence of the vast majority of the electorate blindly voting for a party and electing people to represent them who they do not know, never seen ,heard of had a decent conversation with and so have no idea at all if the person they elected can, will does or even should represented them or be elected.

    Some people or a lot of people(?) say that "all politicians are the same" If you say that I reply that that must mean every body is the same as well for everybody elected them. Who then is at fault?
    If you say they are all the same but say or imply I am not ;my reply to you would be then why did you elect someone who does not truly represent you!? For if they are all the same but you are not .Then you must have voted for someone who truly does not represent you . Who then is at fault?
    But then if you say they are all the same its not worth voting so i dont vote . Then my reply to you is this .
    Im not much of a gardener but this I do know . If you want to grow weeds ,put your sunglasses on, your head phones on ,get the deck chair out ,fold your arms ,close your eyes and go to sleep. You dont have to do a thing weeds will grow and propagate all by themselves .and if you had any thing worthwhile in the garden to start with the weeds will choke the life out of it and if you stay asleep long enough they will choke the life out of you also.
    Is it not written "while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares"?
    This is certain if you want things to change there is one primary and fundamental principle you must know and understand first before all things .
    You must know and be able to tell the difference between a weed and what is not a weed.
    If you do not or cannot tell the difference you either must go back to sleep or make some effort to find out .
    Then get rid of the weeds prepare the soil and sow that which is good . and do not fall asleep again but feed and water that which is good and keep your eye out for weeds .

    The UK is not a democracy but democracy has its place ;but the Constitution of the UK in principle recognises the limitations of democracy.
    One reason (but not the only reason) why we have an unelected Monarchy is that if the Queen or Monarch is a symbol or better a foreshadow of anything it is to the fact that the truth must reign and sit on the throne and not another .
    For the truth is not democratic . For it is neither upheld undermined or established by how many people 'vote' for it .
    But even as the truth is not democratic and must reign .
    The truth is no tyrant either . and men are' free ' not to believe it . and to choose another .
    Thus we have an elected house and a representative government .
    But in the Uk Constitution the Queen rules and Parlaiment governs .
    and the power and authority of the government does not come from the elections but from the Crown.
    For authority never comes from below but always from above .
    In matters of government then the power and authority comes from the Crown .In matters of representation an MP.s power and authority to represent the constituancy comes form the electorate .
    #Thus MP's are both servaants of the Crown as to government and servants of the nation that elected them.
    But seeing this Parliament now declares THEY are Sovereign they not only usurp the power and authority of the Crown .
    They are becoming increasingly a law unto themselves and are undermining the very foundations of this nations liberties and indirectly thier own if they did but know it .
    While all at the same time they are serving the as yet unseen head of Europe .
    Then we can expect great storms up ahead.
    For to make a lie equal to the truth in law demands some sort of redress . if for no other reason than for the truths sake and for righteousness sake .
    No man can command God . Nor teach Him . But scripture has any number of ensamples for our sakes that God for his" own righteousness sake " took action. So we should expect God to do what is right in his time and in his way that pleases Him.
    But the electorate cannot be said to be faultless in this matter . For it si they who elected them.
    Should you vote? Yes . But neither vote blindly nor without prayer .

    If Kings of England could not say the truth is what I say it is because I am King.
    and if the People cannot say the truth is what we say it is because we are in the majority .
    Then Parliament cannot say the truth is what we say it is because we govern the country and we have the majority .
    Charles 1st declared he ruled " by divine right " He did for no ruler can rule without Gods let or direct will .
    But the man should have read his bible as i have read mine and there it would have told him as it has told me .That a king can be judged by God and can lose his kingdom and it be given to another by God.
    Even as it tells me that a people and a nation can be judged by God and their land be given to another also. Temporally or forever .
    It is easy to say and many have said it "God is on my side" It is far harder to say "I am on Gods side "
    But clearly if God was in very truth on your side you must be on His.
    and the emphasis is not so much that God is on your side but rather you are on His.
    But if God be for you ,,who can be against you? Likewise then if God be against you what hope have you?
    Charles 1st lost the argument. lost the war, lost his kingdom ,the throne and in the end lost his head.
    In the end the house of Stuarts lost the throne of England and Scotland forever .
    If the house of Windsor attempts to do the same thing as the house of Stuart they too will lose the throne of England .
    and it will be given to another .

    The USA has also its attacks on the Constitution and despite the fact that the first statement of that Constitution acknowledges as "self evident" that existence of God and as the Creator of men and despite the fact that on the dollar bill the USA confesses it trust in God . The aim of some(?) many?) the majority(?) to take God out of the governance of the USA is much the same as the UK where they have by law nigh on taken God out of all the Institutions of government.
    Yet written on the floor of the Lobby between both houses of Parliament are the words of scripture "Unless God builds the house the builders build in vain"

    The consequences?
    "Wickedness abounds on every side when vile men are exalted" Psalm 12
    As true in King Davids time as it si true in Queen Elezibeth 11 time .
    in Christ
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  5. Yes of course you must vote. Pick the most Christian leader. We have a duty to try our best to hold back the tides of darkness as much as possible for our children's sake. Many are against a religious government, I could think of nothing sillier. Every person is either of Jesus or their father the devil. Now I don't like the idea of a Nero in charge tommorrow if today we permit his not so bad twin to run.
  6. If you don't vote, you have no right to complain when they take away our rights. The US Government is built on the people, but the people have abandoned their responsibilities and look where we are because of such thinking. When the church started fighting back, the IRS passed rules limiting free speech from the pulpit. If I were a pastor, I would have said "take your filthy lucre and I'll say what the Spirit tells me to say." The 501(c)3 law is a trap to keep the church from speaking the truth. Every church that uses that law is bound by law to limit political speech. Over the next year, atheists will come to churches just to see if pastors are speaking politically and report them. The new transportation bill that just past is a great example of fraud, waste, and abuse of power, and I guarantee you, most Americans only rely on the evening news to see if something is good or bad, and the worst of it all is that the news is in bed with the government! It's a fact. By this statement, I'm now considered a "conspiracy freak". I know history, next to math, it's my favorite subject. Governments change history so the lay people have to work harder at finding the truth. The statement like "the forefathers were deists and didn't believe in a specific God" is a lie. All but two signers were ordained ministers!

    Anyhow, if you want what's right for the country, you MUST get involved. Think of it this way: if you're on a bus and you know how to drive safely and you see the bus driver driving erratically, speeding sideswiping cars, what would you do? I hope you'd get involved. The government is the bus driver. Do you know what the government is doing?
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  7. Thanks for the info as to prevailing conditions in the USA. I'd a pre cite a link to those things if you can via mail? If you so wished.
    It seems that the two countries most involved I the preservation of those liberties many now call a right.are both under threat not from ISISt but from ones own government.
    The pastors are goin to have to stand up and be counted and the hireling and the men of God to be manifested.
    Persecution is coming the like of which we have not seen for 400 years or so and perhaps the USA has never as yet seen,
    Prepare yourselves. And batten down the hatches.

    In Christian
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  8. Things I've read over the years. Search 501 c 3 to get the law and read it for yourself. (y)
  9. As I read what you said, I agree with most of it. However I do think that if we believers are going to change things it must be not only by voting and praying for our leaders and for God to move and get spirit filled believers in all of the offices, but also by speaking the Word of God, by faith over the government no matter what history says. If we don't make the decision to speak only the Word then we are just as much responsible for the failure of our voice being heard because we are cursing them with our mouths.

    James 3:10
    Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

    God bless
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  10. Yes:We should protect the children's innocence.Just as we keep Santa Claus belief up year after year.
    There no chance for a honest man to get elected,but it's good for the kiddies to believe it.
  11. I'm voting, sanders seems like a good choice.
  12. 1 Corinthians 5:9 I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people. 10 Yet I certainly did not mean with the sexually immoral people of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world.

    Voting is good, for you can help make changes to get a country to function in a way to allow people to thrive. Continued freedom is the key.

    Sanders is a self proclaimed democratic socialist, just FYI.
  13. vote, be informed
  14. Oh, that's a given. I was just speaking from a civic responsibility point of view. All Christians must follow the word of God and pray for our leaders from the local cop to the President and Congress.
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  15. Sanders wants to make America more of a nanny state. He's a socialist through and through. Good bye freedoms. Socialism means you work, the government takes your money and gives it to those that don't work - in a nutshell.
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  16. I'd advise voting for a christian, I won't tell you who, but there's only a couple of choices ;)
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  17. My point was that if you are speaking and talking history and the Word of God then what your saying is not going to give the angels that are ministering spirits in this earth, clear direction...because they only know and obey what's written in the Word of God, or what has been spoken by prophets Ex 23:20-22.

    God bless
  18. The angels fight, yes, but you too are a warrior. So fight at the ballot box too.
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  19. Oh we certainly will be voting. I have been praying for whom God wants me to vote for, for at least 6 months :)

    God bless!
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  20. What is God saying?

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