She is asking questions and I dont have the answer

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  1. She is asking questions and I dont have the answer

    I'm a christian and was baptist when I was really young.Ive went to sunday school and now I go to church every sunday and sometimes I go to the youth club they have in saturday.

    My problem is I have this friend in school and we were talking.I talked about and religion and we all agreed that there is a God.But then she asked what makes our God the real god ? Because her family is buddhist ,so ...she told me she believe that Buddha is the God.

    Then I told her I believe in Christ because God loves us and I just believe everything the bible has taught us.I told her that we have the prophecy too.
    But I just cant seem to find a point to convince her that our God is real.

    I want to let her understand Christ.

    Anyway,do you guys have any scientific facts ?
    I once heard they found Noah's ark or something.
  2. oh my gosh! its a fellow malaysian! hello girl!

    for me what i ll do is share the gospel, then pray about it. and meanwhile keep that relationship with her going.. love her like Christ would. Pray about it consistently. God wil give u a way..
  3. Tell your friend that your God is a living God and if she opens her heart she will experience the reality of His very presence indwelling here. Tell her that religions are mankind's attempts to reach God but Christianity is God's attempt to reach mankind.Share your testimony about the life changing experience that occured whne the Holy Spirit of God began to dwell in you.

    You can find budah's bones, you can find mohammed's bones but you will never find Jesus's bones because He is risen.
    FYI - The idols they worship were created by the Greeks.
  4. Excellent Brother Bo!!
    Indeed tell her of how Christ has worked in your life. There is no further proof than that needed. Pray for her. It sounds as though you have found a heart that needs to hear the Word of God.
  5. Buddha by his own admission was not a God, simply an enlightened one. He said, please don't worship me when I'm gone but they didn't listen to that part of his teachings.

    Your little light is shining, Bo!!!:cool:
  7. Well, to be honest I believe that every religion talks about the same God, only in different ways. If you compare the religions, most of them have loads of similarities.
  8. Pam there is but one Jesus. He is the only way to God or He is a liar- which is it?
  9. You probably don't mean it like that so I won't feel offended and get defensive, but it looks a little harsh the way you put it.

    I don't think Jesus is a liar, I never said that. I said I see a lot of similarities, I didn't say the religions are similar. Otherwise I'd be "christian", "muslim", "jew" etc. all at the same time.
  10. With all due respect, and concern, similarity does not automatically mean accuracy.
    The only real similaritiy between any of the false religions and Christianity is the idea of a supreme being or power. God has given an account of His true nature and character in His word. To know Him as He wishes us to know Him, to be able to truely appreciate what He has sacrificed to bring us to Him, is impossible without knowing Him to the most intimate level He allows. Without knowing someone, how can you truely love them, and trust them?
    Isn't Bhuddism the persuit of oneness with the supreme? This goes against our belief that God is supreme and we are His creation, not like creations on different levels of evolution. HInduism believes God is a cow, which contradicts us being made in His image. Don't both believe in some level of earthly reincarnation, contradicting our first and second only births and deaths? Islam claims to worship the same God as Jews and Christians, but the Muslim allah's character is quite contradictory to our God.
    All of hte above reject the deity of Christ, therefore what Boanerges said is correct. If all religions worship the same God, yet they reject Christ, and are correct, then He was a liar, therefore Christianity is a false religion. Or, all other religions outside of Christianity are false.
  11. I had no intention of being harsh Pam, just straightforward and honest. I certianly do not want to offend you.
  12. I would say, rather, that the fullness of truth can be found in Christianity. All other faiths have the truth in part. You may say that this makes them false- that is your perogative.
  13. Pam you have most exellent replies here... I would also say to her, if she knows the roots of her religion as most people don't... When I did my studies of religions I found some similarities, but nothing like TRUE Christianity.

    Not the Church goer, or the Bible Thumper( like me ):eek: or the one who watches all day Christian program, but the one whose God is within them.

    Is Buddah inside of her ? Or Mohammed ? Or Confusious ? or any other God...:D
  14. Neither Buddha nor Muhammed nor Confucius is believed to be a god...
  15. Thank you for all your replies.They helped ;)
  16. I would be wrong to imply that some(not all) religions do contain some acknowledgement of inescapable truths, such as the laws of physics and the reality of our very existance in the present.

    Here's why I consider other religions to be false, in spite of that truth: A specific belief must be either true or false. The mere existance of truth demands this. All of the worlds religions are centered around their own very specific belief in what is true and what is false. That's why people follow them so religiously:D The fact that some religions share similar beliefs in truths does not mean that they are all true religions. If they are not all true , then all are false, or one is true and the rest are false. Otherwise, there could only be one religion.

    A belief in something that is thought to be true, yet is not, is a false belief. A belief that something is false, when it is true, is also a false belief. It must be completely correct in order to be true.

    If, as you say,(and I agree with 100%) that Christianity holds the fullness of truth, any religion that holds to be true one or more of the following:
    -that Jesust is not the one true son of the one true creator God,
    -that Jesus is one of the sons of the One true creator God,
    -that Jesus is not/was not the Messiah prophecied of in the OT,
    -that Jesus died and remains dead(no resurection),
    -that Jesus was a prophet and nothing more,
    -that Jesus was not even a prophet, just a really unique guy with some incredible will power and snappy answers to tough questions
    -that Jehovah is not the one true God,manifest in the triumverant of the Father, the Son, ad the Holy Spirit
    -that there is no one single creator God, but many creator gods,
    -that humans are beings with the potential to become creator Gods
    -that there is no real intelligent god(s) but only common energy,
    -that there is nothing beyond what we can physically see, hear,taste, feel, and smell, and everything that exists just happened by pure chance,
    -there is no real absolute truth, only what is percieved to be true by the individual for that individual,
    all of which are false statements according to the central beliefs of Christianity, those religions must therefore be regarded as false religions by Christianity.
  17. *Squeak*
    I didn't mean to get everybody moving like this! But I'll just tell you what I really mean, because I have got the feeling I wasn't fully complete.

    So I said that I see similarities when I compare those religions, here's why:
    ~ There's a God, a higher power that created earth and men.
    ~ In Christianity there's Jesus. He's the son of God and we worship Him. In Islam, there's Mohammed. He's not the son of Allah, but muslims do woship him. There's the similarity I meant.
    ~ In Christianity, Maria is the mother of Jesus. In Islam the mother of Mohammed's name is like that.
    ~ In Islam, there are angels, just like in Christianity.

    There are more, but these are all I can think of right now.
  18. Muslims do not worship Mohammed. They worship Allah. I believe that their statement of faith goes something like: "There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is His prophet."
  19. IIf I am correct,Islam actually recognizes the first 5 books of the OT, and claims that Allah is the same God of the Bible. However, they hold the Quran in the highest authority as far as scripture. Islam is a corrupt derivitive of Judaism, and this is why there are some similarities between the two, especially regarding the legalistic aspects, albeit Islam is more rigid in its enforcement of those laws

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