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  1. Greetings in Christ to the beloved saints in Christ! May God's Spirit use us to learn, grow and share "the truth in love" (Eph 4:14)!

    My name is Bob and I spend most of my Bible studies in the category of "spiritual growth" because I believe there exists a dearth of spiritual growth within the lives of contemporary Christians due to the lack of desire for Scriptural knowledge.

    For about the last decade I've been experiencing significant growth in my fellowship with God (more than my preceding 25 years in Christ) due to a deeper understanding of the primary truths of the doctrines of Christ, i.e. "For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat' (Heb 5:12). Paul admonishes us “to go on to maturity” by progressing “from the elementary principles of Christ” (Heb 6:1), which of course can only possible by increasing our knowledge and understanding (Spirit-taught—not self-taught) of God’s word.

    I'm certain that a believer’s union with God cannot vary, "For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable" (Rom 11:29), but our fellowship with Him varies in proportion to our life styles, which can mature from the “meat” of the word (Heb 5:12) or remain immature as milk-only babes of the word (Heb 5:13 NKJ). Regardless of the condition of our fellowship with God, He is unrelentingly causing us to "Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you" (Jam 4:8). In this accomplishment we cannot rely on ourselves, "For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure" (Phil 2:13).

    Thanks to the teachings of the "Identification Truths" within the doctrines of Dispensationalism, God has increased my hunger for His Word, which compels me to desire the same for others. I believe the spiritual growth author Miles J Stanford (temporarily absent from this life) has taught well in the spiritual growth category and has made it available through

    For Christ's Sake (Eph 4:32)<><
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  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. They are ripe with encouragement and truth with biblical references to draw the reader to the Word. Thank you, Bob.

    May God continue to bless you and your beautiful wife! :)
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  3. Thank you CBG for your compliment as it's always encouraging when others let me know they find this material useful! God's blessings to you and yours!
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  4. Reading your post was both a blessing and refresher. I am curious to what are "the doctrines of Dispensationalism" but I'll be studying that on my own. Thanks for your post and God bless you!
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  5. Dear Bob,

    Just came online to find this uplifting piece. My prayer for you is that God will cause you to enter into the fullness of your inheritance in Him and obtain the fullness of your goodly reward. You shall (you and all those under your spiritual covering) all appear before Him in Zion (The perfection of Beauty and Holiness), without spot, blemish, wrinkle or any such thing in Jesus' Name.

    Your exhortation reminds me of that part of the bible which says "He made known His ways unto Moses, His acts unto the children of Israel." This reflects varying levels of relationship. Moses had the privilege of seeing firsthand the processes (ways) leading to the acts while the children of Israel only saw the finished product (Acts). May we grow in our fellowship (intimacy) with God through His Holy Spirit to the point where He can entrust us with secrets of the mystery of the kingdom - Christ in us the hope of GLORY!

    God Bless you Bob.
  6. Thanks Dario for your compliment and the Lord's blessings to you too! I'm always greatly encouraged when receiving the knowledge that others find this spiritual growth material helpful.

    I find these teachings to be "strong meat", which is for those who are hungry (Heb 5:12) and those who are mature (v 14). The best way to start is by going to, view right column under Miles J Stanford and access the title Pauline Dispensationalism. This could start you on an unending journey (12 years so far for me) which I've found to continue to be on the increase.

    The window will open with the forward in green and under it you can read the entire book online by accessing Online Chapters Available Here.

    These teachings continue on from where the Reformation stopped, so there's a whole other world of information that only Word-hungry seekers will find, which I believe God is using in a strong way!! The site is so voluminous that I've yet to see all that is available.

    Sadly, this evidences to me that most of contemporary Christendom, for the last few decades or so, have applied little to the reading and studying of God's Word but I've been noticing recently a growing interest locally due to these spiritual growth teachings, which I'm convinced will have the same effect of a wild-fire.

    Please keep me informed of your interest and growth, which will also allow us to stay in touch with one another.

    Loving You In Christ
  7. Brother Chris, my appreciation to your reply is the same as to Dario. God's blessings to you and yours and God be blessed!

    I want to appeal to you and all who read my posts to test the teachings of Miles Stanford. Some may initially respond with offense but remember to test your experiences by the Word, not test the Word by your experiences.

    It has been well said that if we are disappointed, we've trusted in the arm of man and not in the arm of God, because God never disappoints.

    Loving You In Christ
  8. I'll be looking into this, I really hope my work computer can open this website. If so that can provide much study. Thanks for the link.
  9. I read about half of the chapters and to say I was confused with the wording and ideas would be an understatement. It would be like going to a Dr. and him saying you have "hemopneumothorax." Huh? That doesn't make sense to me. Or, he could have just said you have a "collapsed lung." The problem with most Christian writers I am encountering is they are trying to out think the bible and make it fit their doctrinal thinking. They are trying to do what Solomon did with his "jot" and "tittle" story. I see most of the people are Dr.'s of some kind, but why do we need people who have Doctorate's explain it in a way that makes it even more confusing? Maybe, because their ideas don't correspond with the bible and they are unwittingly usurping the authority of the scriptures. Or maybe, they don't have the proper context with how to look at scriptures. Not trying to undervalue their credentials.

    Why do we have so many offshoots of Christianity? Since the Reformation, man has made doctrines to fit their interpretations of the Bible, but sadly, did not do so within the context of the language, customs, traditions used at the time of the writings. We have so many different theologies as a result because of splinter groups within a church who sees that the doctrine they belief in is flawed, so they break away and try to re-think it only for it to happen again. The Church leaders are a panacea (revolving door of new ideas and failures), so what should new converts belief in? How many different denominations of Christianity are there? Hundreds? Thousands? And we call ourselves a Church under Christ?

    Another glaring thing that popped out for me, was the lack of Old Testament references in all the Chapters on the pages. I find Christianity is overly focused on the New (except maybe some of the Psalms, Proverbs and the occasional Prophet. What did Jesus say in Matthew 5:17? He came to fulfill, which in Hebrew means to "fill up, or complete." Now how much of the cup of Christ are we drinking of?

    Christianity is alot like a cup of hot chocolate. Who loves hot chocolate? The hot cup and smells bring comfort to us when we are weary, cold and when we need to be replenished. Much like how Christ filled up the cup that we drink of in Matthew 20:23, that is what Christians are drinking of. We are getting all the good stuff on top, but that is all that we are drinking of. There is more in the cup if we look further. Non believing Jews on the other hand are drinking of the same cup, but they will never be able to drink from the top unless they accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah. So what am I getting at? The terrible analogy I am using is at the bottom is the sweet stuff, you know the pure sugar and chocolate at the bottom. The taste that is sweeter then the rest of the cup, the part we as Christians never get too. I am talking about the Torah and the entire Scriptures and studying it in the context of the people at the time. And when you can do this, the more difficult portions in the New Testament will begin to correspond and make sense, instead of the apparent contradictions in the Bible. And instead of requiring a doctorate to explain passages with another believer or Gentile, one just needs to have studied earnestly within the proper context. Just last night I was reading Exodus 9:13-16 and Jonah 3. Why do we think that going out to the Gentiles and preaching about God's awesome power, love and might was solely in the NT? All that I am trying to do is give the cup a little circular stir and swish the contents of the sugar to the rest of the cup so we can taste a little bit more of the sweetness down at the bottom.

    I may be a new convert, and less educated then most or all of you, but my Bible studies that I am engaging in now, is breathing life and fire in me. I am studying God's Word in the proper context it was intended for. And I am not confused, I am renewed and invigorated. I have tried different Christian churches and there was no life, little fellowship, words spoken with passion but with little substance. Then I tried my first Shabbat and the symbolism, tradition and the words spoken to me have rung true. The Bible is finally making sense to me and I thank the Lord everyday for giving me his Word.

    If I have been offensive to the Lord with this post, I pray for his mercy. I am only trying to be a humble servant and I feel compelled to write this. Peace be with you and you'll be in my prayers.
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  10. You are absolutely right that the old testament is very important and many do tend to ignore it. Continue to hit up the word of God for it's entirity. Remember that we are the church, I'm not saying go to church, in fact, I encourage you to keep seeking churches. However, the best fellowship I have ever had has come from the get together my brothers in Christ and I do in a little supply room, we get together and go over the word of God together and talk about what the verses we read mean to us, and it's the best fellowship I have ever had. :) God bless and continue walking in God's light.

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