Sermon on Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

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  1. Sermon on Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

    This is still a work in progress, but I would be interested in any thoughts on this message for tomorrow.

    Especially with regard to the way we treat others and compare ourselves to others.

    (I would be especially pleased if someone were to post a strong uplifting conclusion for me! :D

  2. The Cape of the Matador

    You might find this work of poetry I wrote sums up the sermon.

    In the ring, the Toro spies the crimson cape of Matador
    Like a young sailor just ashore, lustily staring at a whore
    Whether dumb or savvy beast, instinct rises to the fore
    Bearing little reason – remembering only the timeless oath his ancient swore
    To charge that hot and angry hue with horn erect, thinking only gore, gore, gore!

    In side of man lies another, less violent but no less focused, primal urge.
    A feeling queued by lovely visions, with hope of procreative merge.
    Through the heart and limbs a harder, quicker, scarlet surge
    But is it for his pretty wife, or a photographic image from the media dirge?
    Stealing tender moments from his spouse, Pornography tempts him over the verge.

    Sexuality is a great gift from God, for the blessing of a man and wife.
    Accompanying the most important responsibility: to create another life.
    It is not for the pages of a magazine, though the newsstands are already rife,
    With the exploitation of our sons and daughters in obscene acts – Society is rife
    With selfish disrespect, and perverted expectations. Remove this infection with a knife!

    Beauty is a blessing – a wondrous heavenly creation.
    And there is nothing wrong with having a healthy appreciation.
    But refrain from that which tempts the heart away from present or future marital station.
    And keep in mind, that patronizing pornography drives the horrible exploitation.
    Which perverts both young and old, and leads to untold, unhappy, unrighteous deviation

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